Tuesday, July 29, 2014

OOTD; The Voyager

I grew up almost exclusively listening to music made by men. There was the unfortunate bouts I had with pop music (Britney, Spice Girls, and Mariah), but at the core those songs were still mostly created by men. Jenny Lewis was the first female singer I fell in love with and I remember that moment with such clarity. I was in high school, caught in a storm, waiting for my ride. A friend had put a bunch of music on my iPod for me, I hit shuffle, and The Execution of All Things came on. It stopped me dead in my tracks. There was something in her voice, in her lyrics, in her everything. I could feel it all.

That connection to her songs has never faded. From Rilo Kiley to Jenny and Johnny to her solo records — I'm captivated by it all. I get a little weepy when I hear the old Rilo Kiley songs, but I also smile when I hear "The Frug" or her more upbeat songs off The Voyager and that's the beauty with her: she has a rare ability to transform into different persona's. She writes in a way that is deeply personal and yet vastly universal.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

OOTD; You are what you love

Some summer days are so thick with humidity that there is no point in wearing anything more than the necessities. This was one of those days. As a girl under five feet tall, I always assumed I could not rock a maxi. But the reality of it is, I totally can and so can you! Being short does not mean you cannot rock long hemlines. It just means you've got to select the right ones. They're great for chillier summer evenings, outdoor shows, and those days when shaving your legs seems unnecessary. My go-to fashion advice? You can rock anything as long as you wear it with confidence and I stand by it. So grab something weird and wear it proudly. Or don't. Your choice.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

OOTD; The Quiet Things No One Ever Knows

Yesterday was crisp, breezy, and entirely too misty. So, I took the opportunity to wear my new found blazer. By that I mean, I could not find this blazer for the entire winter/fall and just when I had given up hope — there it was. I was almost a little afraid that with a pixie cut + a jacket I would look like a little boy. Thank goodness for headbands. I was concerned that I would feel less feminine with a pixie cut, but I don't find that to be the case. In fact, I feel more confident and put together with a pixie. It's easy to hide behind your hair and I'm glad I ditched it for a little while, any ways.

I spent my Saturday in Cleveland with my sister, Lisa. We went to every farmers market we could find. Eventually we ended up at the West Side Market — which is the most insane market in Cleveland. But hey, cheap, fresh, and local produce? Worth it. We ate tacos, took these photos, and she made raw coconut macaroons. Which if you were wondering, take four hours to dehydrate, but the texture, crunch and taste more than made up for it.

Oh, and this is a band t-shirt for the band Brand New. I got this when I was in high school and only wore band shirts, jean skirts, and checkerboard slip-on's. I always feel awkward doing close up's of my shirts because it's like, "hey, look at my boobs!"

Friday, July 18, 2014

Remix: Black Booties

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When I bought these boots, I had no idea that I would fall in love with them. They were on sale at Target for under $15. They are the most comfortable and versatile shoes, EVER. I only wish that I had went back and bought a few more pairs. I've worn these for hours on end and just about every kind of weather. Nothing beats a good pair of shoes.