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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I still have some photos left from my trip with Elana. These were taken on the day of the Solar Eclipse so, naturally, I had to wear this dress. These were taken at a coffee shop that I fell in love with. It was called Dripp and if I lived out in California, I would be a regular here. The shop was beautiful, the staff incredibly friendly, and this drink was unlike anything I have ever tried.

I don't think I've ever taken a set of photos sitting down, but Elana and I were feeling adventurous. We loved the setting of the outdoor area and the lighting was top notch. Plus this is such an old dress, y'all know what it looks like.

It's been really warm for the past week, but it's almost officially Fall! This weekend, my friends and I are kickin' Fall off with a trip to the Orchard. I cannot wait. Every single year we have tried to plan a trip, but something always happens. It snows, it rains, the apples are no longer able to be picked, it closed early, SOMETHING. So, this year, we decided to do it as soon as it was officially Fall. We are cliches!

No Control

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I've been lusting after this dress for months, but I couldn't bring myself to drop $119 on a single item. My boyfriend surprised me with a ModCloth gift card for my birthday and I instantly knew I was going to buy this dress. Even better? I had a 40% off coupon and I scored this dreamy dress for under $45. It wasn't quite the material or colors I was expecting and I thought about returning it. But then...then I put it on and this dress was made for me. I would like to wear it every day.

I'm also wearing my very first pair of prescription sunglasses. I had no idea how great these would be! The sun is blocked and I can see! This is completely new to me. I really wish I had splurged on this before now.

We've been having pretty perfect fall weather and I am so here for it. In fact, I'm drinking a Pumpkin coffee right now. This dress won't be wearable for long, but I will be eagerly awaiting next season.

Nobody WIns

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

These photos were from my first day in California with Elana. We got coffee, breakfast, and hit the "beach". Neither of us are really beach girls, but I needed to hang on Balboa Island. After leaving the beach, we had you guessed it, MORE COFFEE. Actually, we had the most disappointing coffee of our entire trip. I won't call it out, but let's just say, it was the most bitter and intense cold brew I have ever had. We then ventured off to eat waffle sandwiches, cry about our sunburn, and watch the Office with Elana's friends. We finished the day off by eating cookie dough. Yes, they have places that serve cookie dough like ice cream. Yes, it's heaven.

We spent a lot of the day walking around, so I wanted a really easy and comfortable outfit. I thrifted this dress forever ago and would very much like a million more exactly like it. It was perfect for wandering around and being in awe of how beautiful and tropical every thing was. The Midwest/East Coast where I usually hang is simply not that great to look at. I seriously felt like a little kid and it was the best.

Also sorry to the people that live in this house if they were home. We couldn't resist the color or the fact that their last name was Stiletto.

Could never be heaven

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Here's another outfit set from California. This background is one of my favorites. Elana shared this AMAZING spot full of huge art walls near her place. It's completely designed for #selfies and I don't even care. This wall made me fall in love with Sara M. Lyons. She sells cute shit, uses bright and girly colors non-stop, and it's 100% me. I even made this wall my phone background.

I kept my outfits really basic because travel, but this dress is certainly one that speaks for itself. I found these shoes at JcPenney of all places. I got a coupon and ended up paying only $2.00. They're not quite broken in yet, but I'm looking forward to them being comfortable enough to wear every day.

One of the main things I wanted to do in California was drink ALL OF THE COFFEE. Luckily, Elana was down with this. Within thirty minutes of being with her, we got lattes with beautiful art and waffles topped with ice cream and fruit. Before leaving that place, we got more coffee! It was my second favorite place we went to.

Elana made a three-page document filled with food and attractions. It was very Elana and very wonderful. California is filled with good places. Whereas I'm used to having two options.

I plan to do an entire coffee post because not only did we consume a million pounds of coffee, we also took a million coffee photos. Hanging out with another blogger is a lot of fun because they understand the need to document everything. They also don't judge the time it takes to get a good shot. Luckily, not only does Elana get it, she loves it.

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