Monday, July 6, 2015

You Won't Know

This is one of my favorite skirts that I often forget about for awhile. It's perfect for the summer because it's thin and breezy. While I love tons of colors sometimes it's nice to go full on teenage goth.

Seeing Brand New the other night was so great. They played a wonderful set, but boy was the sound awful. Outdoor venues are pretty weird and I really dislike arenas. I like the intimacy of small venues and dive bars. Which I've seen Brand New in a few times, so it's nice to have some variety. It's always weird when small bands become huge, ya know? The crowd was really strange and barely sang along, so my friends and I looked like crazy people. But we didn't mind one bit.

If by some chance, you spent your youth under a rock, here's a playlist I made with my favorite Brand New songs. Their sound changed a lot over the years, but the intensity of the lyrics has always stayed. Which is part of the reason I love them so much. Plus I make a lot of playlists and it's nice to share.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sowing Season

This is yet another thrift store gem from my most recent trip. I figured I wouldn't be able to wear it until the Fall, but I should've known better. It's been in the 60's and super rainy, so it was the perfect time to wear it. Though I'm pretty sure it might actually be a top. Oh, the joys of being under five feet tall.

Tomorrow I'm seeing Brand New. While they have the worst crowd I've ever dealt with, I'm still REALLY excited. Brand New is one of those bands that holds a special place in my teenage heart. I learned a lot from Jesse Lacey's lyrics and I'll probably cry my eyes out when no one is looking.

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Wolves

I've been really into maxi dresses and skirts these days. Maybe it's because the summer days are sticky and hot, but the evenings are chilly and breezy. I only have a few, but they're definitely what I'm reaching for most days. It's a matter of convenience, really. I can leave the jacket at home and still not freeze. I used to think that maxi dresses didn't work on short girls, but let me tell you, they absolutely do. It's a matter of finding one that works best for your kind of short. Luckily, I'm of the short waist variety so they're perfect! This one was given to me by Ashley. She's a real gem.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Little wanderer

I went thrifting yesterday and scored this gem of a dress for $1. Our thrift stores have half-off colors (two a day) and it's basically a dream. I managed to snag all three items with the colors and spent less than $7. I only had thirty minutes so I didn't get to fully thrift or explore. Which was an adventure in itself. I've been going to a smaller thrift store that is about four minutes from my apartment and the selection is always pretty great. I, however, went to the store I used to frequent and I forgot how overwhelming large stores can be.

This dress has an adorable and tiny daisy print on it. I meant to get a photo of it, but the rain was coming. All it does is rain in Akron any more. Which means my hair is always frizzy and there is an excess of mosquitoes. Basically the best time of year. I'm not sold on this hat + a pixie, but it's the only one that looks remotely decent with my haircut.