Thursday, August 21, 2014

OOTD; Coma Girl

I've always been into birthday's. Well, other people's birthday's that is. There's just something about celebrating the life of those you adore. Whether it's just a simple breakfast or a show -- it's a reason to celebrate! But when it comes to my own, I'm like "STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO ME," Over the years, however, I've learned that nothing is more sad than doing nothing at all on your birthday. Which is why I make sure to do something different every year. This year? Cleveland or Columbus for the day. Haven't decided (thanks to the weather), but either way it will include lots of amazing food, delicious coffee, and shopping. I mean, what could be better? Oh, and I share a birthday with Joe Strummer aka the front man of the Clash. So, I totally win the birthday lottery.

Also holy crap, August is almost over. I'm another year older and my nephew just turned six. I mean, wow, where does the time go?

Monday, August 18, 2014

OOTD; diamond eyes

I've rarely had the luxury of long or multiple vacations. But I do live for those brief weekends, more than an hour driving, some sort of adventure, and a few days off work. It's been a long while since I had a reason to escape daily life, so when my Dad invited me to join him on his adventures to Southern Ohio/West Virgina for his second Tough Mudder, I quickly obliged. If you aren't familiar, Tough Mudder is absolute insanity. It's 10+ miles of running and over twenty obstacles. It's the definition of physical fitness and mental determination. As a spectator, you get the opportunity to walk the course and see some of the obstacles and it's pretty crazy out there! My Dad did this Mudder solo -- which is pretty gnarly. Even more gnarly? He finished in less than 2 1/2 hours. His dedication and interest in fitness is very admirable and inspiring. (I type as I eat pizza rolls...)

Plus I got to spend the weekend in West Virgina, lounging around, sight seeing, eating delicious vegetarian food, sippin' on coffees, doing nothin' I had to, and spending quality time with family.

Oh, and I wore this dress one day. It's such a great one, but being so over-the-top pink I've struggled with wearing it often. Like, is it okay to be that pink on a daily basis? Maybe. But sometimes I like to scale it back.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

OOTD; traces of what we used to see

This skirt is probably the most "me" piece of clothing I own. I've worn it so many times in all the seasons with every different hair color/cut. Which is why I figured it was time to test it out with the pixie and good news, it's pixie approved. I added the final photo into the post so y'all can get a nice side/back view of my hair. In case you were wondering what I look like from the other side. It's my less photogenic side. So you're welcome.

Do you ever have weekends so busy that you completely forget how you spent them? I feel like that's what happened to me this time around. Except I recall on Friday that my friend, Wolf, from Denver was playing a show in Cleveland. Wolf is in a hardcore straight edge band called Culture Shock and they were kind of awesome. I mean, I know nothing about hardcore. But I am straight edge and I do like Denver, so that plus a really cool DIY venue on the shady side of town definitely equal a great time and rad jams. I have great rating systems for quality don't I?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

OOTD; More Adventurous

Last weekend, I went to Cleveland to hang out with my sister, eat good vegan food, and second-hand shop. It was a pretty good day. Plus I scored this Rilo Kiley shirt and this amazing skirt. I don't generally like to buy band t-shirts not at shows, but I was NOT in a band t-shirt phase last time I saw Rilo. I also don't love band shirts promoting albums, though I get it. Anyways, they're broken up and eBay has an AWFUL overpriced selection of Rilo Kiley shirts. This is what I like to call fate. My friend Allison has this skirt and one of my most favorite outfits of hers is when she's wearing it. So, when I saw it for $4, I had to buy it, right?

I recently revived my Storenvy and I have TONS more items that need photographed. So, take a look around. I have a discount running now for 10% off (10off). So, please buy my clothes so that I can buy more.

This afternoon, Rachel, Megan, Abby and myself, are meeting up to eat treats, drink coffee, and talk blog/take photos. A mini-blog workshop if you will and I'm so excited. We're always trying to keep the local blog scene alive and networked.