Monday, March 2, 2015

Clever & Quickness

I'm a total slob when it comes to my wardrobe. I live in a little space. I share my closet with my boyfriend (who might have more clothes than I do). I grew up sharing small rooms with my sisters and generally never developing the habit of organization. This has never really bothered me as I still manage to get dressed daily. This Winter, however, I've been feeling absolutely no inspiration in getting dressed. I've been living in band t-shirts and the same skirts over and over. In an attempt to get over the Winter and find love within my wardrobe, I decided to actually put my closet and dresser together. I spent the fall cleaning out my wardrobe, so what I have is relatively small. I spent a couple days tossing more clothes, folding, washing, and hanging everything I owned. It felt very good and I'm able to open my closet and see that hey, I actually do have a decent wardrobe. I know this is all pretty basic, but I swear sometimes it's hard to remember. My style and personal tastes are always evolving. Aligning that with my personal habits, budget, and the weather can make loving clothes a little hard sometimes. Now if I can only keep up with using the closet.

Oh, and it's still Winter and I'm still unhappy.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Life Won't Wait

Between hitting all-time record lows for temperatures, huge snow storms, and lack of time when my boyfriend is available has resulted in me being MIA. Good news though, we're getting closer to spring (which truly means nothing in Ohio) and my boyfriend is getting a new work schedule which will grant him an extra day off work. The days are getting longer and everything seems a little better for making photos happen. The weather kills my spirit and also my car and phone batteries, so like, I'm really ready for the goddamn sunshine.

I made the mistake of selling my dream plaid dress because my chest simply did not fit into it and I've been craving a replacement. My friend and I were at Plato's Closet (which isn't my favorite place) and I spotted this dress, TWICE. Plato's Closet is ridiculous and so, one was priced at $25 and one at $20. When I couldn't justify the price for a used dress that wasn't even in my color scheme of choice, I forgot about it. While at an actual thrift store I found the EXACT dress for $4. Definitely a win, but I'm seriously missing the dress that wasn't a perfect fit. I'm still on the quest for the perfect red grunge-y plaid dress though 'cause this makes me feel more Gossip Girl than 90's babe.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Travel Diary: Buffalo, New York


This weekend my friend, Cortney and I decided to visit my sister in Buffalo, New York. She lives in Toronto and neither of us have passports. Typically, Buffalo is about a three hour drive. Which is nothing, however, we ended up getting an epic snow storm while we were en route. We barely made it above 35mph, we had zero visibility, we watched car after car spin out and it took us nearly two hours to get out of Cleveland. Cleveland had the worst weather and it was smooth sailin' until half of the highway we needed was shut down. We eventually made it and it only took five hours!

We ate mediocre pizza, drank top notch coffee, went bowling, and stayed up way too late. We also had the best breakfast I've ever had. Seriously, it was an avocado spinach eggs benedict on top of a crepe. That poached egg is what dreams are made of. If you ever find yourself in Buffalo, eat at Break'n Eggs and drink coffee at sPoT Coffee (also in other parts of NY).

Neither of us had ever been to Niagara Falls before. The beauty of a frozen tundra is unreal, but can we talk about how it took approximately three minutes before we were frozen? The snow was half-way up our legs and no amount of clothing could make it tolerable. There was a wind chill of -30. I'm generally a big baby about cold, so I basically cried the entire time. But it was well worth it.

And here are probably way too many photos because I took a lot, we had fun, and because it's -6 right now and I'm not going to brave this for outfits. I mean, my car had icicles inside of it this morning and barely started. This is never go outside unless ya' really have to weather.

Monday, February 9, 2015

February, 1878

One of the challenges of living in Ohio is making my wardrobe work for all seasons. Learning to layer while not looking bulky is a huge must. It's also not the easiest to accomplish. I've had plenty of practice and I always feel like I achieved something when I'm able to perfectly transition a piece for all seasons. This is very much a summer dress and I'm glad I tried to wear it again. I've been so lazy with my style lately -- like will only wear band t-shirts + skirts. I'm trying to really work on wearing dresses and tops and not being as lazy.

Friday night was my friend's birthday. I took her to this delicious restaurant in Lakewood. We overdosed on cherry-cola, mexican coffee and goat cheese guacamole. Afterwards we indulged in Jenis Ice Cream. It was a wonderful evening that kicked off a very busy weekend. How is it possible that the weekends go so quickly when the week drags on?!