little nightmares

Monday, June 11, 2018

Not too long ago, my friend and I decided to fly to LA for a show. Now, it wasn't just any show. It was two bands we loved in high school playing together and they haven't played a show in almost ten years. It was a little bit of a crazy idea, but one of our good friends lives in LA and I have tons of friends there too. So, why the hell not? We had an amazing time. Ate all the food, drank way too much coffee, got teary eyed at the gig, and relaxed in Malibu. I've been to California three times now. But each time has been a completely different experience. I've stayed with different people and in different areas. LA is so huge that I never feel like it's been redundant.

I wore this outfit to the show (The Honorary Title & Limbeck) and also to hang out with Ashley, Elana and Erica. These three gals are the best there is and I'm glad they're always down to meet up. I'm thankful for the internet for bringing so many incredible people into my life. Now if only I lived closer to them to make this happen more often.

This dress is amazing and I'll be wearing it a million more times. This outfit is very realistic as to my every day style. Simple jacket and comfy shoes. I don't often wear flats on here, but I was going to spend the day on my feet and knew I needed to chose comfort over stylish heels. It ended up a million degrees and I wanted to throw this jacket in the trash.

Fox in Motion

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Hello? Is this thing on? Can't believe I remembered how'd to do this. Just kidding. It has been a little while though. Mostly because I decided this year that I simply did not want to be cold for photos. And boy, has it been cold and wet. I think I mentioned it awhile back that I've been REALLY bored with my wardrobe. I've spent that last few months trying to find pieces that will stand the test of time and be wearable for all occasions. I've only been moderately successful in this quest. Here's one of the recent dresses that I've picked up. It's pretty much a dream. I wore this outfit with a cropped cardigan and a leather jacket to a wedding.

These last few months have been filled with adventures, music, good food, and trying to make it through the never ending cold that is Ohio. I realize that blogging has more or less been dead for years, but I do miss blogging. I like sharing my outfits and parts of myself. Hopefully, I'll be making more appearances around here now that the sun is slowly making a comeback.

Tell me that I'm alright / that I ain't gonna die

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Band t-shirts are pretty much the closest thing I have to an actual aesthetic. I don't usually pick out white band tee's, but I loved the 80's look of this Paramore shirt. I spent a good portion of 2017 falling in love with Paramore and so, it only makes sense that I needed to get this shirt. I don't love a large portion of their merch so this one was a pleasant surprise. I get a lot of shit for listening to Paramore which is hilarious because they're damn good. And their live show? Absolutely phenomenal. They played at a seated venue down the street from me -- which is rare. So, I bought myself a front row ticket and went to the show alone. It was one of the best concerts I went to all year. You won't catch me going anywhere in Cleveland alone, but Akron? Absolutely. I encourage everyone to do the same. Sometimes rollin' solo is even better.

The thrift stores in my neighborhood have not been good lately. In fact, I am now shocked when I find anything thrifting. My friends and I still go regularly, but boy is it a disappointment. When I found this lovely vintage skirt, I was shocked it wasn't overpriced and was my size. These are rare things now. I'm not sure what is going on with the thrift stores, but I miss them.

These photos were taken awhile ago before winter hit. Obviously, I wouldn't be caught dead without a jacket and a million layers in this freezing weather.

Not the sun

Thursday, January 4, 2018

While it's a brand new year...these are not brand new pictures. I took these towards the end of the year during our first huge snow storm. It's not news that I hate snow, but I decided to treat myself to a practical item -- an actually warm/weather resistant coat. I picked this gem up at Zara. It looks like a higher quality and warmer version of my previous coat, so I'm incredibly happy. While I might've bought a practical coat, I still don't know how to dress practical. This dress is one of my all-time favorites. It's beautiful, comfortable, and fun to spin in.

I'm not much for resolutions, but as always, I have created a book related goal. The last two years, I have stuck with something simple: twenty-five books a year. This isn't a lot, but it's hard for me to dedicate time to reading (a hobby I used to be so good at). This year, however, I have decided to up the ante to a book a week. I'm already halfway through the second book. I'll probably do updates here, but you can also follow me on Goodreads.

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