Monday, November 24, 2014

I probably wouldn't know you

This weekend Abby hosted a Friendsgiving and it was amazing! Her family and friends were so kind and welcoming. Plus they made amazing food and her husband made the best apple pie I've ever had. Rachel, her husband, and their adorable daughter, Eden were also there. Which meant I got to spend the evening chatting with them and playing with the baby. It was so delicious, fun, and perfect because my parents will be out of town for Thanksgiving. And we all know Thanksgiving is the best holiday because food.

I thrifted this dress last summer in Columbus and while I don't wear it often, I absolutely adore it when I do. It was 60 degrees today so it felt nice to pretend it's still the season of wearing short/thin dresses.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

You Won't Know

We got our first snow and it was followed by the coldest day, ever. I figured this was the perfect time to dress seasonally inappropriately. I almost wish there was more snow for these photos and that might be the only time I ever say that.

This is one of those dresses that was too expensive to buy that sold out in my size when it went on sale. I borrowed Ashley's over the summer, she sold it, and I cried. But she helped me track down this XS one. It's too small in the bust, however, it's nothing that some good tailoring can't fix. Basically, this is the dreamiest of dream dresses. It's one that I need to learn how to style more casually to get more wear out of.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sowing Season

These photos were taken last month on an extraordinarily warm day. For some reason, I didn't like these photos then, but they seem pretty good now considering the impending seven inches of snow we're supposed to get. I got this skirt at the swap and decided to dress preppier than I usually do. Unfortunately the skirt was WAY too big for me and I'll have to give up my Blair Waldorf dreams.

I had such a fun and busy weekend. Friday night we (my sister, our best friend, & my boyfriend) went up (or is it down?) to Columbus to see our dudes in River City Extension. It's been almost two years since they've been here and I missed them and their jams so much. If you're not listening to them, please do it! Saturday our family celebrated my sister moving to Toronto and my father's upcoming 54th birthday. I spent Sunday in Cleveland helping my sister pack up her life and eat deliciously sweet foods.

I am now ready to decompress in the darkness of my room. Being social is draining and I am absolutely dreading the winter weather. Because you know after living in Ohio my entire life, I still can't remember how I survive year after year.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Blue Sky Blues

It's been a long while since I've thought about pulling this dress out of my closet. I bought it many moons ago because it reminded me of Kimmie Gibbler. I love the colors, print, and how it's totally not a fall dress. I don't wear it often, but I'll probably never part with it.

Last night I got to see Ryan Adams! It's been so so very long since I last saw him (I'm talking like '03 or '05). He's one of my all time favorite musicians. The dude has made so much music in so many different ways and it always moves me. His show was in a huge seated theater. It was very different from the way that I usually see live music, but we had amazing seats on the balcony. Perfect view, perfect songs, perfect night.