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Monday, November 13, 2017

Oh dear sweet blog, I've missed you. It's hard to keep blogging when no one reads blogs and I feel completely uninspired by my wardrobe. My boyfriend has been working so much and I don't trust myself with his fancy camera on a tripod. I've missed taking photos, I have. But I've also had this weird feeling of disgust every time I saw a photo of myself lately. I've spent most of my life documenting my outfits/face in pictures, so the feeling was strange and new to me. I'm not sure I'm back to normal, but I'm certainly trying.

This outfit isn't ground breaking or exciting after a month long break, BUT it's exciting to me because a) my fav band and b) I have never worn a skirt this shape. I've resisted skirts like these forever, but while on the hunt for a blue skirt to wear with this shirt, I found this in the depths of a hundred random thrift store skirts. I wasn't sure it would work, but it was my size. I snatched it up and ya' know what? I absolutely love it. I have a feeling this skirt will make its way into a lot of my daily outfits. This is also a new band shirt and while it's gigantic on me -- I am in love with the design. One of my favorite band t-shirts in a long time. I know some people find black and blue to be a taboo color combo, but I have always loved the Backstreet Boys, okay?

I've been going to shows non-stop, drinking all the coffee, and whining about being cold. So, basically...nothing out of the ordinary for me.

A million suns won't fill you up

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I've been so busy that I completely neglected getting my hair done and let me tell you, when you have a platinum blonde pixie cut -- you cannot miss your monthly hair appointment. My roots were four inches long and the side/back were completely devoid of color. I was feelin' like a wreck. Even if that looks is rather trendy.

This is a new(er) dress that I want to wear everyday, all day. I'm obsessed with this print. And there's pockets. You know there's nothin' better than a dress with pockets. Even if the pockets rarely get used. It's just a really nice thing to have.

Pop of Culture #9

Saturday, September 30, 2017

It's been forever since I've written one of these posts. Mostly because I haven't been watching much television, but hey, it's almost fall and all my shows are coming back and I'll have EVEN more to discuss!

I had no interest in this show beyond it had eight long seasons and Troian Bellsario's (Spencer Hastings from Pretty Little Liars)husband. I was pleasantly surprised by how well done every aspect of the show was. It's an overly dramatic drama set in a law firm where one of their top junior partners ins't even a lawyer.

We did it when we were young

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I still have some photos left from my trip with Elana. These were taken on the day of the Solar Eclipse so, naturally, I had to wear this dress. These were taken at a coffee shop that I fell in love with. It was called Dripp and if I lived out in California, I would be a regular here. The shop was beautiful, the staff incredibly friendly, and this drink was unlike anything I have ever tried.

I don't think I've ever taken a set of photos sitting down, but Elana and I were feeling adventurous. We loved the setting of the outdoor area and the lighting was top notch. Plus this is such an old dress, y'all know what it looks like.

It's been really warm for the past week, but it's almost officially Fall! This weekend, my friends and I are kickin' Fall off with a trip to the Orchard. I cannot wait. Every single year we have tried to plan a trip, but something always happens. It snows, it rains, the apples are no longer able to be picked, it closed early, SOMETHING. So, this year, we decided to do it as soon as it was officially Fall. We are cliches!

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