Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Eastern Shore

When I first got this skirt from Lauren, I loved the print and color. But when I tried to wear it, it did NOT work. AT. ALL. I gave it a couple days and figured out the problem! The waist band on this skirt is HUGE. Super thick and the skirt is kind of long. It overwhelmed my body. So, I folded it down, threw a belt on it, voila. I'm an avid believer that belts are the cure all to just about every outfit issue.

This summer I've been drawn to fields of grass. There's just something about playing in the middle of them. I may or may not continue to over use them in my photos. It's been so hot lately that I'm surprised I've gotten dressed lately. But how great are my nails? I can do nails in the ice cold air.

Run on over to Lauren's blog to see how she styled both of my pieces! She did a great job!

Outfit details:
Skirt: Swap with Lauren. See how she wore it here
Shirt: Sister's
Shoes: So old...I don't remember
Belt: Forever 21
Bow: Charlotte

8 comments on "The Eastern Shore"
  1. brilliant! i too am a believer that belts are the ultimate cure-all. your final look is fantastic. the silhouette you've created is lovely and the shimmery top (i thought was denim at first!) is a great and unexpected addition! love it.

  2. Wow! This may be one of my fave outfits on you! I love the skirt and I also am a firm believer in the magic of belts. By the way, I think you would/do look great in pants for the record. ;-) The bow in your hair is adorable as well!

  3. I love how both of the outfits you guys made are so different yet so great!

  4. Love this skirt! The vibrant colors are fantastic! I especially like it paired with the denim bow shirt.

    And so good to see some bloggers from Ohio!

  5. Love this look. It looks like one dress. I would add scarves to the list of cure alls.

  6. Cute outfit! I especially love the skirt

  7. really love these posts!! btw where is this field? im looking for a good one like that!


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