The Grand Optimist

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There's nothing better than throwing together an outfit and realizing you absolutely love it. This is one of those. I got this skirt a little while ago at Plato's Closet. It's originally from UO and is very 90's swishy pants-ish. But it's bright, fun, and reminds me of a party? Yes, a party. Just about every scarf in my wardrobe was my sisters and is now mine? I'm not really sure, but I've never bought a scarf thanks to her. She's a real swell gal. There's a very narrow time frame when wearing a leather jacket is possible. It's either too hot, too cold, or just right. Currently perfection.

Oh, I dyed my hair darkish again and it's long enough to sit on top of my head. Only about three or four or even five more years before I have my dream hair. I might not have a life plan, but I have a five year plan for my hair. Priorities.

This is a lake behind my house and for some reason I never thought to photograph here before. They've been talking about turning it into a baseball field? Which is mildly strange considering it's a lake and all. I've also heard that it used to be a public swimming area until a little girl drowned. Maybe it's a hunted lake, but at least it photographs well.

Outfit Details:
Jacket: BB Dakota
Skirt: UO (Plato's Closet)
Shoes: Gift
Scarf: Sister's
Tights: Express
Tank Top: Thrifted
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