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Friday, December 30, 2011

Favorite Outfits of The Year

It's been a very interesting year in blogging. When I started this blog way back in April with Anna, I had no real knowledge of fashion blogging other than I liked clothes, photography and blogging. I've learned a lot, met amazing people, and watched my style (as well as my hair length/color) evolve. It's also interesting to see the shift of quality in photography. When I started I was using a basic dSLR and now I'm using a rather fancy dSLR.

I'm incredibly thankful that all of my readers have stuck around with the whole original name change and then the quitting and the entire new blog. It's been interesting, but I hope the new year is a million times better on this here blog.

While it hasn't been a full year yet, I'm very close and I'm going to take a look back at my favorite outfits of 2011.

The very first blog post:

Click the photos to see the full original posts.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wear*It Wednesday's: Dresses + Boots

This location is an abandoned barn right by my house. I took pictures here last summer and couldn't recall where it was. Victor stumbled upon it and I'm so glad. It's a little too dark in the fall/winter daylight to take inside photos, but once the sun returns, it's on because this barn is a real cool spot.

These boots were thrifted for a dollar. The dress is from a swap and the coat was given to me. This is basically the cheapest most free outfit I've worn in awhile. Sorry for the less than full bodies. I guess Victor was having fun or something.

This is my submission to this weeks Wear*It Wednesday's. Dresses with boots. I could have done better, but you know. Check out The Young and the Naive for more submissions.

I guess break is almost over? And I didn't really do a single thing. I'm going to try and force myself to do a sewing project and finish a book and start another and do things in the productive nature.

Monday, December 26, 2011

When I Awoke

This is what I wore on Christmas Eve. I happen to like this dress quite a bit, but if it rains or I spill something (which I always do) it leaves strange wet stains. Otherwise it's a lovely little dress from Chicago a couple of years ago.

My holiday was very quiet and different. Didn't quite feel like the holiday's and without my sister (who will be here in two weeks!) it was just not as fun. Got some cool non-extravagant thoughtful gifts. I think the novelty of the holiday's has faded.

Oh, and thanks to my sister I officially own a second purse. It's a miracle. I don't like purses. I carry wallets, my keys are on a bracelet, and I prefer to keep the baggage to a minimum. But it's nice to have something for th ose occasions when a wallet won't cut it.

Thanks for all the compliments on this headband, I made it! And yes, by made it, I mean I glued gems to a solid black headband. I'm talented.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Caramel Stuffed Apple Cider Cookies

I think one of the best parts about the holidays is the cookies. Seriously, what is better than endless cookies? Nothing, nothing is better. I've been baking a lot of cookies and cupcakes recently and figured I'd share some of them. These are more of a fall treat, but considering it's still basically fall outside. They're still appropriate.

I will share two tips with you:
1) Stuffed cookies expand a million times more than you anticipate. So make ANY stuffed cookies very small.
2) If you make these and have one the next day, sit the cookie on top of a hot drink and it will soften the caramel and it will be a warm gooey delicious cookie again.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WEAR*It Wednesday's: Holiday Inspired

I had a picture pinned on Pinterest that was basically this look. White dress + red cardigan + black shoes. I had all of the above and never thought to copy it. But then I saw Kaylee do the same combination and I was in love. Let's be honest though, I'm kind of in love with Kaylee's style in general. She dresses very similar to me, just better. So yeah, this is my holiday inspired outfit for Wear*It Wednesday's hosted today by La Boutique Verte. Go and check out all the other amazing holiday inspired looks. I'm always torn between being overly themed and subtlety holidayish. This is a nice in between. We made sure to seek out a pine tree for these photos and so I included an artsy shot my boyfriend took.

Anna gave me this dress. She wore it with the ruffles tucked in and it looked like a completely different dress. See here. She wanted me to have it so she took it off in the parking lot. Cool kids trade clothes in parking lots.

Also why is white so hard to photograph?!

A poem I wrote was published in the Case Reserve Review! It was the first poem I turned in for poetry this semester and the first non-journalism piece I've had published. Click here to read it. I'm on page 21.

Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm My Own Worst Eskimo

I bought this scarf the other day at Noto and I don't know that I've taken it off since. I'm definitely getting my moneys worth and plenty of interesting looks when I start to put my arms in it like it's a blanket.

I've had a Pinterest account forever now, but I've never really used it because the LAST thing I need is another place to waste all of my time. But you know, I was bored the other night and now I'm wasting all of my time. In my defense, I'm pinning all of my Tumblr favorites since I started on Tumblr. So, I've got a lot of pinning to do...In any event, I do have some wonderful boards going. Follow me if you're so inclined: My Pinterest. I may or may not start neglecting this blog...

Last night I stayed out way to late to see Stiletto and I really love Stiletto. It was wonderful and everyone was drunk and the floor was extra sticky at Thursday's. My favorite thing about events in Akron is, they start 2-3 hours after their advertised time.

Which is why I basically fell asleep writing this. Endless coffee Monday. Endless.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Life Won't Wait

This sweater dress thing is from Express, but I bought it from Plato's. I don't really know how I feel about sweater dresses, but I love the colors. Somehow this look turned out super urban. I didn't mean for it to be that way and I don't hate it. We took these photos right as the sun was setting. Hence all the red. Oops.

It's Friday. I'm excited. I must finish my Christmas shopping this weekend. I still don't know what to get some people so it should be fun.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

At Ease

A long while ago, I was at Urban Outfitters and I found two dresses. Each were marked down from $68 to $20. Which is a pretty great deal, but I was feeling terrible about spending that much on two items. I proceeded to the check out and my total was $10. Yup. Two UO dresses for $10. This was one of them. I love the colors, design, and the way the floral isn't all over.

This lake is in one of the Metro parks that's right by my house. I've gone to this park a million times and never knew because the lake has a separate entrance and a two mile hike before you find it. Anyways, it's really wonderful back there.

Thanks for all the books/tv recommendations! I must be terribly cool because I've seen every single show that was recommended and either a) watched the entire series in like a day or b) tried to watch it and didn't like it. Yeah, I'm really cool.

Monday, December 12, 2011


I love this skirt. I love these colors and I love these thrifted Liberty of London boots. Yup. $5 at the local thrift. I've had some serious thrifting luck lately and I'm incredibly proud. I'm thinking of making one of those awkward videos that people call their "thrift hauls"? Hmmm... This is totally one of those skirts + shirts that EVERYONE will think is a dress and I'll have to debate whether or not I should correct them. But it's totally not a dress.

I had a busy little weekend and it feels weird to not be in school for a month, but a good calm weird. Um, I went and saw my friends band Annabel play and it was awesome as always! See also: I stood too close to the speaker and now I want to SCREAM EVERY WORD I WRITE. I'm tired and rambling and boring and I'm about to eat pizza. So nothing makes sense.

Question: I need recommendations for Netflix television shows/movies and good books. I like a little bit of everything and I'm running out of things to watch and read. Thank you!

Friday, December 9, 2011

the Friday Remix

I wear the same pieces all of the time. It's part of how I keep my wardrobe fresh without spending tons of money. Most people look at this as getting dressed, but to fashion bloggers this is "remixing".

I bought this skirt in NYC and I fell in love instantly. The colors, print, shape, pockets, fabric, and everything else. Whenever I don't know what to wear I grab this. It goes well with every thing and looks good as a shirt.

What items do you wear often and why?!

one, two, three

This sweater I purchased at H&M in Chicago a couple of months ago. It's very heavy knit, super warm, and was very cheap. It's versatile and cozy. Here are two ways I've styled it recently.

one, two

I had purchased a beautiful skirt at Forever 21 and the zipper broke. I returned it, they didn't have a new one. I got a dress. It also broke. So forever I sat on this gift card and finally I found this skirt. It's a light weight strange material, but I love it so much. I think the first photo is one of my favorite outfits ever that I can't recreate because the tops belong to my sister in Florida.

one, two

I'd love to feature your outfit me if you'd like to contribute!
Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I've Got It Bad

When I bought this skirt, I thought it was grey. The internet said it was grey, but then I took these photos and it was kind of green. My tights are pink, but they look kind of red, so I guess I kind of look like an early Christmas. I'm not really mad about it though.

This shirt was from a thrifting adventure with Rachel a couple of weeks ago. I cannot believe I landed something this awesome at the thrift store. The tag doesn't have a label, just a little etched heart. I feel like it's a brand that I've seen before. Any ideas? Also I'm not entirely sold on these photos, but the outfit is pretty enough. I hope it's forgiven.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shop My Closet

I've got tons of clothes and shoes, so I'm going to post some of 'em on this here blog to try and sell.

So, please check them out! I've included two pairs of designer heels that I don't wear. Other than the heels, everything else is very cheap and I will accept trades or something! I'm merely trying to clear up some space.

Shop My Closet!

For the Birds

Rachel let me borrow this lovely dress. It looked amazing on her because she's all tall and thin and everything looks amazing on her. Proof is here. But let's be real, I'm super short and this dress is super long with weird sleeves, but I bet you couldn't tell. This post is an exercise in the magic of belts and cardigans. Despite this dress originally being ill fitting on me, I do have to say that it's a great print, color, and fabric.

I also realized I look super good in electric blue and I love swapping clothes so this dress gets my vote.

I'm turning in my last paper of the semester tomorrow and then I will officially be on winter break. All that means is more television, later nights, more shifts at the coffee shop, and counting down the days until my sister is home for the holidays. I guess it also means holiday parties. Saturday I'm going to an ugly Christmas sweater/onesie party. Yup. Grown up's in onesies. I'll be rocking a silly vest and a bad hair style. I'll also be baking for the party, so expect some recipes very soon!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Slow West Vultures

The last time I wore this skirt it was in the high 90's. Not such a good idea. It's kind of heavy. See those photos here. This skirt started off as a floor length mess and I hemmed it. I think it needs to go a little shorter, but we'll see. This necklace is a lovely Toony piece, but I added the compass and I love it.

These tights were provided by the lovely We Love Colors. I am a tights snob. I mean, I don't wear pants, so I have to be. We Love Colors are thick, durable, stretchy, warm, and the colors are so beautifully vibrant. This color is called rust and it's the perfect color for fall. They're also incredibly cheap for the quality and color. I highly recommend We Love Colors and they didn't even ask me to say that.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


I draw inspiration from all over the place. Sometimes it's a photo, an actual person, television, or sometimes it's simply a trend. I'm going to try and do a little weekly feature on whatever is inspiring me. The first installment? Peter Pan collars. Seriously, I cannot get enough of them. A dress or shirt goes from ordinary to absolutely elegant with the addition of a Peter Pan collar. They're so whimsical and if I could put one on every piece I own, I would.

Here are some of my favorites.

Click the photos to reach the original sources. I used Pinterest to locate the images.
Friday, December 2, 2011

Scenic World

Every year the AWESOME local restaurant the Lockview hosts an anniversary fall formal. They bring in a photographer and a DJ. Everyone dresses up and takes silly photos like it's the high school dance. I've gone the past three years and this years photo is by far my favorite. In fact I included it in the post for you to laugh at.

Anyways, that's where I wore this outfit to. I never imagined wearing this dress in a formal way. It's funky and a little bit ugly, but it worked surprisingly well as a fancier dress. It's been very warm for fall and I'm totally loving it. I'm also loving my new found hair style. Oh, and I guess it's December now? So, it's kind of weird to be dressed so lightly. These were taken the other day when it got weirdly warm?

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