Tuesday, February 14, 2012


When I was younger, maybe sixth grade, my mother had my sisters and I be cheerleaders. My step-sister was made to be a cheerleader. My little sister? Maybe. Me? Well, I only wanted to for the cute uniforms, but we got ugly hand-me-down bulky sweaters. I looked like Sandy from Grease, but not as pretty.

Anyways, at the end of the season they held a huge award ceremony. I wore this beautiful white dress with extreme detailing at the bodice. I had a knee length coat and I wore bright red shoes. I was eleven, okay? And I thought I looked pretty great and I'm pretty sure my mom helped dress me. I was in the bathroom at the ceremony and all of these eleven year old mean girls were in there laughing. Laughing at me. When I was walking out, she said, "YOU'RE DUMB! RED DOESN'T GO WITH WHITE. HA! YOU LOOK SO STOOOOPID. RED AND WHITE. HAHAHAHAHAHA. UGGGGG-LYYYY. LIKE YOU! "

I learned a valuable lesson in that bathroom and I never cheered again. That's when I decided to wear whatever I wanted to wear because mean girls will always be mean girls and red and white totally go together. It's part of the American flag, right? Plus I heard she never made it to college and has a lot of kids. Karma is real guys, really real.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Forever 21
Tights: Express
Boots: Dolce Vita
Cardigan: Clothing swap via Urban Renewal

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27 comments on "I&Love&You"
  1. You go girl! Red and white TOTALLY go together, especially so here. I love your dress and that great sweater. I'm glad that you learned that lesson. See who's laughing now????!!!! Ha!

  2. I think you look lovely and Karma REALLY does exist!


  3. lol karma is a biittchhh. for reals. i know two FOOLS who have either tried to ruin my life/my hubs life, and my friend's life, and they are all in a shithole of a life now. too bad huh? you look SuPeRRRR cute! :)

    happy vday friend!

  4. So pretty! How seriously adorable is this look! Happy Valentines Day, darlin!

    ox from NYC!


  5. I love dots!! nice dress


    A chic kiss ;)

  6. I love the dress. Red and white totally go together.

  7. Those girls were obviously lacking in brain cells. White goes with everything. Idiots. I hate girls at that age. They're pretty much the worst, meanest people.
    Also, you look adorable and definitely cute and festive! The dotted dress is fantastic!

  8. Red and white TOTALLY go together and you look fabulous!



  9. Omg. Your story is awesome!!! Luckily I was never bullied in school, but if I was, I wish I had the guts to tell those people off! LOL. Red and white totally go together. :) Love your polka dot dress. So cute! <3

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  10. psh what are those means girls talking about? Red and white looks so pretty together, and the outfit you are wearing is a great example of that :) I love the polka dots!

  11. Go you! Little girls are so mean, not to mention stupid - red & white are classic! You look adorable, I love the polka dots on the dress :)

  12. Haha aren't little girls just vicious!? Red and white are cute together, and you look adorable! Happy Valentine's Day!
    xo Heather

  13. Pssh, please, of course red and white go together! and yes, mean girls will ALWAYS be mean. The people who bullied me when I was younger didn't go to Uni and are all freaking badly dressed losers now.

  14. Aaaawww kids can be such bullies. But i love red and white combo's. And this whole look is darling for Valentines day!

    xoxo mama wolf.

  15. Wow, children are awful aren't they?? Red doesn't go with white?? Seriously.
    Well I may not be a cool kid but I LOVE that dress & it looks amazing with the red xo

  16. Little girls can be such creeps! I'm sure you looked adorable, and red TOTALLY goes with white. I love your outfit here. You look lovely, as always.

  17. hahaha. yeah. girls are kind of terrible. i want to have children, but i fear having a little girl because i don't think my explanation to all her troubles can be "well, honey, everyone's a bitch." i think i need some time to figure that one out.

    red and white do totally go together? 11 year olds.

    yeah. little girls still say stuff about me. i was wearing a dress in the grocery store the other day, and a 7 year old started pointing at me and saying "that lady has no pants." her mom was trying to get her to shut up while she asked like 8 times why i didn't have pants on. i was laughing hysterically.

    anyhow - i love that dress - the polka dot bottom is the best! and it's super cute on you.

    <3 katherine


  18. That dotted dress is SO cute! Also, who would ever think that red & white don't go together??

    lace, etc.

  19. Girls are dumb, kids are mean, and you look gorgeous! Way to not let that get you down!

    See Me Rwar

  20. Nice photos and really cool outfit, you look great, I like your dress, what a great print and that cardigan is so nice, the perfect touch to the outfit also you are really beautiful and your boots rocks! You have an awesome blog by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!
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  21. you look absolutely amazing!!! Love your dress and cardi!! People are always going to be mean so wear what you like to wear:)

  22. As someone who had a pretty miserable elementary and high school experience, I can totally testify to the fact that karma ALWAYS seems to dole out justice after graduation. Glad you learned to always wear exactly what you want, because you have amazing style and I'm sure that bitch can't get out of her velour sweatpants now if her life depended on it. This is beautiful, I love the nod to V-Day and you look beyond adorable!

    Alexandra xo


  23. dumb HS girls don't know what they're talking about! you look awesome! though i have to admit I always wanted to be a cheerleader in H.S but my parents were against it...

  24. forgot my link oooopsie http://abcdfashionista.blogspot.com/

  25. Oh my...well, what do they know!! Apparently not much. This sounds like my elementary/high school experience as well. Red and white are gorgeous together, especially when a part of a darling outfit like yours. I was a cheerleader too...though I don't always admit it:) Quite perfect as always darling! xx Marisa

  26. What nonsense! Girls can be so evil, and many times don't grow out of it! I bet she wears sweat pants every day and can't run a comb through her hair because of all the baby spit up ;)

  27. Aw you look so cute here! I love the polka dots and red cardi.

    And LOL why would someone think a neutral and color don't go..haha that's strange!


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