Akron's Finest

Monday, May 14, 2012

My boyfriend and I were getting ready to take photos of my AMAZING new skirt/shoes and I was really excited. But out of nowhere I started feeling really sick. We drove all the way to the photo location and I could barely function. We decided to grab some french fries because I hadn't eaten yet. That didn't work and while we were driving, I got even more sick. Sick to the point that I opened my boyfriends door while he was driving (though slowly) and puked my guts up all over the street. Mind you, I was wearing my brand new suede shoes and I managed to only sort of ruin them. Mid-puke I took my shoe off and ran out of his car. Yeah, I was seriously more concerned about my shoes than myself. If I weren't in Akron, I'd say I probably looked really crazy with one shoe on puking, but that's typical Akron.

Anyway, I had coffee earlier that day from a new coffee place and I'm assuming their creamer was bad because all I puked up was coffee and my stomach barely handles non-spoiled milk. Yeah, so, um, I haven't had coffee in five days and I managed to take photos of that outfit, but I feel like you can tell it was a post-puke look. Ew.

That's a really long/funny way of telling you that these are from two weeks ago and my hair was wrecked. But hey, I love this dress. It fits really well and it has pockets.

I'll redo my perfect outfit with my perfect brand new shoes very soon! This outfit was not that outfit. That would be gross.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Swapped
Shoes: Payless
Cardigan: Gap (Stolen from my boyfriend)
Belt: Forever 21
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