Spit in layers

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yesterday afternoon, I went to Kent and picked up little miss Lauren. We adventured and took photos of each other. I grabbed a latte, she grabbed a tea, and we talked about blogging, life, and blogging for a good four hours. It was quite the wonderful time! Hopefully next time we will adventure outside of Kent and go on a mad thrifitng adventure. It's wonderful hanging out with other bloggers because there's so much to discuss. Page views, sponsors, working with companies, bloggers selling out, our goals and the business of photography. Plus Lauren is one of the cutest sweetest girls around and I'm glad she's so much closer than ever before.

In other news, I was walking on campus today and I'm one of those music blaring campus walkers. I was limping around listening to The Avett Brothers and all of the sudden, I feel a hand on my ankle. Yes, a hand on my sprained ankle. I stop walking and I look down, pull off my headphones and this really tall, really good looking boy in gym shorts & a hoodie is smiling up at me. I was terrified and creeped out at first, but he very nicely said, "Excuse me, miss, but I couldn't help but notice your limp. Could I call upon Jesus to heal you?" He was so genuine and nice and I was feeling adventurous. I said, "Sure." and he said a prayer and then I started walking. And he did another. And another. He was so ridiculously nice that I couldn't help, but laugh at the absurd situation. Typically, I might've freaked out, but this dude seemed really interested in healing me? But religious situations like this are so strange. So, when my friend walked past, I called out and thanked the kid and walked off. The crazy weird thing? My ankle actually felt better? Akron, please stay weird. Really weird.

This outfit is super simple, but it's been SUPER hot the past few days and I was already in the process of switching my mind over to fall. I realized I had never worn this lovely dress on the blog. I snagged it from UO for a mere $5. I got skill. This feels like the perfect end of summer outfit to me!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Urban Outfitters
Cardigan: Thrifted
Shoes: Target (little kid section)
Headband: Top Shop

Photos taken by Lauren
© Midwest Muse.