Back to the Wild

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I purchased this dress from the Target sales rack a couple of weeks ago. I didn't love it on the hanger, but it looked so great on, I couldn't pass up the $7.99 price tag. I've been wearing it a lot and realizing it's an incredibly easy piece to remix. So, I wore this Sunday to the show and I get home and my boyfriend points out that the entire WAIST is ripping apart. Yeah, this dress is about to be a weird top and skirt. And this is why I rarely purchase clothing at Target. Everything at Target is incredibly cute and I struggle to resist, but it's so cheaply made. Unless of course, it's from the children's section. Their children's clothes are durable. This is probably the last time this dress will ever be worn without fear of it falling to pieces in public.

Over the weekend a small group of us went to Melt. Melt is a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant full of quirk and over sized ridiculous sandwiches. The wait is typically anywhere between 35-65 minutes. It's more of an experience rather than a dinner. My sister decided to take everyone's phones away and made a rule that if anyone touched their phones than they would have to foot the entire bill. Obviously no one wanted that, so we spent the entire time actually enjoying each others conversations and being alert and in the moment. It was totally wonderful. I have some friends that are ADDICTED to their phones and never live in the moment, rather live around the moment. Luckily, none of those friends were there or they might've had a very expensive dinner. This needs to be in effect at every outing.


Outfit Details:
Dress: Target
Belt: Noto
Headband: Self-made
Blazer: H&M
Shoes: Target
Tights: American Apparel

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