Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's no secret that I watch a lot of television. Mostly CW and ABC Family dramas. So, it's no surprise that I stumbled upon 90210. Thank you, Netflix. I devoured the first there seasons in a mere month and yeah, I know, it's pretty cheesy. These kids are filthy rich, irresponsible, well dressed, totally hate each other, and somewhere in the midst of all their "drama" they become best friends. Which makes the show incredibly interesting because they're all very different kinds of people. Which brings me to Gillian Zinser.

She portrays the character Ivy Sullivan. The resident hippie. She's chill, a free thinker, has an incredible voice, and most of all a wicked sense of style. She embodies the bohemian dream. Her style is effortless, well put together, and her hair is the best accessory.

I recently found out that she won't be a series regular and I'm a little upset about it. Her style is incredibly inspiring and I'm totally crushin'. Hope you enjoy it too!

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