On Politics

Friday, November 9, 2012

I've never been incredibly invested in politics, but I've always kept myself educated, well informed, and I would never sit out an election. Four years ago, I voted in my first huge election. Yes, I voted Obama and yes, I did so with pride. I wasn't entirely certain why I voted for him, other than it felt right. It felt good. But in four years, I can confidently say exactly why I voted for Obama and how incredible the victory was.

I've never seen an actual change from a president. I've never been compassionate about world events, but Tuesday night? Tuesday night I watched live coverage on three stations while watching the Daily Show. I was obsessively re-tweeting positive Obama tweets and funny things. I was refreshing Facebook and I was emotionally and personally invested.

Since Obama became president, two huge things have changed for me. The most important being, I get incredible school funding. Not loans, but grants. My family is by no means wealthy, hell, we're probably barely middle class. My first year of college, I couldn't afford to take a full course load. Now, I'm not worrying about how I'm going to pay for my education. That alone has filled my heart with joy and happiness. Secondly, I'm insured! Having insurance and not fearing being sick or getting injured is such a relief. So, for me, Obama did these two things that have drastically altered my life (and tons of other incredible things too).

I believe in equality. Equality for everyone. White, black, gay, straight, female, male -- whatever, everyone deserves to have the same rights and life as everyone else. I've never understood the war waged on the female body, homosexuality, or the hatred for different ethnic groups. We are all human. The strides this country is making for equality is truly incredible. We are making history and it's the good kind of history.

Tammy Baldwin was the first openly gay female senator to be elected into office. Tammy Duckworth is the first disabled female veteran to be elected into the house of representatives. Maize Hirono is the first Asian-American female senator to be elected into office. Mary Gonzalez is the first openly pansexual senator. Richard Murdock and Todd Akin who waged wars on the female body and were pro-rape have been booted from their positions! Colorado and Washington legalized recreational marijuana use. Three more states passed legislation for gay marriage -- we are slowly, but surely changing the world.

Regardless of your beliefs, this is wonderful! This is an America I can be truly proud of. This is forward thinking. This is revolutionary.

Despite your opinions, I do ask that if you comment, you do so without being offensive or hateful. I respect your opinions and I would like you to do the same.

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