No nonsense tights & leggings

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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If asked what my favorite item was or what I thought truly made an outfit, I would without hesitation say tights. I don't wear pants and therefore I live in tights. I prefer bright tights to make any outfit pop and in some situations, the tights are the outfit. So, when I had the opportunity to work with No nonsense tights and leggings campaign, I was thrilled.

I was sent a pair of tights and a pair of leggings (leggings are a different story for me). I was sent a black patterned pair and a brown corduroy pair of leggings. These both presented challenges for me. I wear tons of patterns and prefer my tights to be solid, but surprisingly I loved the tights They were super thick, right amount of stretch and the pattern was very subtle.

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I am not a leggings girl, but mostly because I don't like socks or bare feet. I prefer black and grey, so styling up brown leggings was scary! But let me tell you, these leggings are SUPER thick, warm, and soft. They were snug and fit so comfortably they could double as pajamas.

No nonsense isn't a brand that I was entirely familiar with until now and I'm really glad to add their company to my list of favorite tights. They are cheap and located at drug stores across the country. What could be better?!

Outfit Details:
Dresses: Clothing swap
Orange heels: UO via Gabriel Brothers
Tights/Leggings: C/O No nonsense
Oxfords: Target

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