Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: a year in review

Last year, this blog went through a lot of changes and this year proved to be the pay off. Looking through my archives was so much fun! My style didn't change per se, but it definitely evolved. As did my hair. These photos made me miss my ombre hair more than anything else. Hands down the best hair I've had.

I had a very awesome and productive blog related year. My favorite event was hands down the 330 Clothing Swap. If you need a refresher, that was the large scale (80+ people) clothing swap that my friends (bloggers!) and I hosted. We organized the ENTIRE event. From the guest list, to the venue, to the sponsors, to sorting all the clothes, planning the snacks/vendors, setting up the event, and working the five hour swap. It was a huge learning experience and an amazing successful event. I would love to do something like it again. The event was far more successful than I ever imagined. Here's the post I wrote about it.

In the same regard, this year we created Flock Together. It's been a wonderful experience. I love all the bloggers and especially all the beautiful clothes that I've gotten to wear.

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Notable posts/events/moments:
A Change I Can Believe In--One of my favorite posts! I wrote about the election and what it meant to me.
As Seen on Fox 8 News--I was on the local news talking about trends for fall.
Fashion Blogging Panel--I participated in a local fashion blogging panel. Where I discussed the ins and outs of blogging and fashion with some local ladies.
Worth A Thousand Word Winner--I won a $200 gift card to ModCloth for one of my favorite outfits.

Want to view last years favorite outfits? Click here.
10 comments on "2012: a year in review"
  1. This is a great recap post, love seeing all these photos together!! It's always fun to look back to see how style/hair changes haha. Your style is awesome and I look forward to seeing more in 2013 :)

  2. so fun to see your favorite outfits from the past year, many of these are my favs as well. & holy cow i hadn't seen you were on the news, how cool, congrats! glad 2012 has been such a great success for your blog Jessica!

  3. Awe such an awesome review! If there's anyhitng I can tell by looking at those pictures it's that 1- you love dresses/skirts haha and 2- you have an awesomeee style =)

    xo Missy

  4. I love seeing a bunch of your outfits in one post. I don't think your style has changed at all either, it doesn't have to! I love your fun and colorful outfits, they are always an inspiration to me. I also love seeing the transformation your hair has gone through. I like the ombre best too! But it gets old, I should know :).



    Southern (California) Belle

  5. ohhhhhhh that is a awesome recap!!!! congratulations on every awesome thing that has happened !!!

  6. Your hair has changed a lot for sure! And I love seeing all the year in review posts today - so fun to see everyone in a variety of seasons

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  7. Wow, so many great milestones! The 330 event sounds like it was a big accomplishment, and such cute outfits!

    whiskey for breakfast
    365 sleepy days

  8. I love your style so much! Its so pretty and creative. Beautiful photos! I've enjoyed being in flock together with you as well and am so glad we became blog buddies!! You definitely accomplished a lot this year! The 330 swap collective sounds incredible! I need to check out that post. Here's to another wonderful year!

  9. Yay so many super cute outfits. You have a ton of pretty dresses and I always love seeing how you style them. Happy new year!


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