Sunday, December 23, 2012

Always on time


Winter has hit Ohio! It got pretty bad over the last few days. Luckily, it cleared up in time for our Gingerbread House Party! For the party, I made quite possibly the best/worst Christmas playlist. Complete with the classics, punk versions, pop versions, and even a few death metal jams. We had so much fun. We demolished twenty jars of icing, made some elaborate houses, some shacks, ate tons of snacks, had a dance party, and delivered the houses to random front porches.

This skirt has been out with the Flock Together ladies for so long that I've worn it three times already. I guess I missed it. This first picture is one of my favorite photos.

galaxysn0w2 galaxysn0w3 galaxysn0w4

Outfit Details:
Skirt: Romwe
Shirt: Forever 21
Boots: Gift
Jacket: BB Dakota
21 comments on "Always on time "
  1. That picture is one of my favorites too! I can't even imagine how cold that is. The last few days here have been in the 40-50 degree range and I've been dying. I have always thought this skirt fits your style best so I'm glad to see you wearing it again :). You party looked pretty fun. It has been forever since I've built a gingerbread house. I hope you have a great Christmas Jessica!



    Southern (California) Belle

  2. What cute pictures! That skirt is so adorable.

    The snow hasn't hit PA yet - thank goodness. Snow is definitely not my favorite. I just don't like being cold.

    Sounds like you had a blast making gingerbread houses; have a wonderful holiday!


  3. beautiful outfit and love the snow photos! Hope you have a magical holiday!!

  4. Amazing first photo (well, as always good photos, but I especially like that one!).

    The gingerbread house party looks like a blast. Happy Holidays!

  5. Oh my goodness how are you not frozen?! Lovely outfit and photos, and what an awesome idea for a party. I'll have to put that in my party pocket for next year ;)

  6. Love that skirt, such a cute & fun idea the gingerbread party!

    <3 Megan

  7. The snow looks so pretty and the gingerbread houses look like so much fun! Love your skirt! <3

  8. These photos are the best! And your houses look so cute--how awesome that you delivered them to random front steps! I love the skirt too! Merry Christmas Jessica! PS-your playlist sounds AMAZING!

  9. Hey, I'm in Ohio, too! =] The storm that hit last week was crazy, and I was not at all dressed for it (style or warmth wise).

    Also, your gingerbread house party is awesome! I need to remember that idea for future holiday parties.

  10. What great timing for Christmas!! It doesn't feel like Christmas to me without snow. I love these photos, that dress is amazing and I can see why you've worn it a few times already. So great all bundled up!
    And a gingerbread house party sounds like such a great idea :)

  11. Loving these pics with the snow! It's soooooo pretty!

    <3 Cambria

    Check out my Jose Eber......GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

  12. I love your galaxy skirt and these pretty snowy pictures! This reminds me that I need to winterize my galaxy print skirt sometime soon. It looks so cute on you paired with the black tights.

  13. Gotta love the galaxy skirt ^__^
    What a huge snow blazer! Better
    get yourself inside the house
    with a mug of tea :P
    The Gingerbread House party looks


  14. What lovely wintery photos! It must have been hard to brave the snow. Love your pretty skirt and hair. I just found your blog, and I'll definitely be visiting often since your style is so inspiring!

  15. you look excellent in your galaxy outfit in the snow. fun photos. :)

  16. Seeing this makes me miss that skirt so bad :) Probably my favorite swap piece look gorgeous. Hope your Christmas was lovely Jessica!

  17. Such a cute outfit! And also thanks for the comment, it means the world!


  18. Great pictures!
    Merry christmas <3


  19. I love you're skirt and the simple way you styled it to frame it's interesting print. the it's a skirt I myself eyeing eyed for a while :)
    The shot of you with the snow falling and your skirt spread wide with your arms is just magical and evokes such a winter wonderland feel with a little bit of edge.

    Style By Eye

  20. Oh, snow, yay! I've never seen snow in person, so these picture are just amazing to me. It must be awful cold, but I would still love to be showered in snow flakes like you are in these pictures.


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