Sun Hands

Sunday, December 16, 2012


This dress is one of my new favorite things in the world. The most beautiful color, nice details, and it's oh so comfortable. Wearing leather jackets with super girly pieces is my absolute favorite combination. I'm starting to think it's my signature style: edgy yet girly. It describes my personality too. So, I'm rolling with it.

Victor and I adventured outside of my neighborhood for the first time in awhile. The cold has me stuck on my street or really close to my house, but the sun was shining. It was 65 degrees, and I had no class or work. So, basically the perfect day for adventuring. This was taken in downtown Akron, which isn't really much of a downtown. It's like one very long street with awesome restaurants (i.e. The Lockview -- the best place, ever), dance bars, and random office buildings. A few streets over is the University that I attend. This particular spot is directly across from the Aeros (Akron's baseball team) stadium. It seems incredibly random as it's just next to a run down bar. But I like it. Basically this describes all of Akron, restaurants and bars.

Oh, these shoes! I found them at a discount store and I'm so in love with them. They'd be an easy DIY, but for the price I couldn't pass them up. I'm so into any and all things that sparkle.

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Outfit Details:
Dress: Mod Cloth
Shoes: Gabe's
Belt: Noto
Tights: Express
Jacket: BB Dakota

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