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School starts tomorrow! I'm taking a crazy course load and I'm already nervous for it. This outfit is a perfect representation of how I dress for school. Warm, casual, mixed prints, stylish, and flat shoes. This outfit is so comfortable that it feels like pajamas and that's the key for campus style. If I disappear this semester, you can find me at the local coffee shop drowning in school work. Did I mention I'm taking a senior seminar where I have to write a 35 page paper? Because I am and the topic is Vietnam literature. I'm so scared.

Yesterday, Rachel and I went to Cleveland to start thrifting for this awesome event in May (more on that later). Rachel found these shoes for me and my sister found me the same pair in black glitter. They're for small children, but thankfully I wear a size 4 in kids and now I have awesome new shoes.

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Outfit Details:
Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Blazer: H&M
Shoes: Thrifted
Belt: Cirra
Tights: Express
25 comments on "Back-to-School "
  1. I love this outfit! I wore a similar color pallet today. Good luck with your classes I am sure you will be fine.
    Almost Endearing

  2. Love this look and your shoes are such a cute colour. Have a great first day back. I start again at the end of the month!

  3. This is a super cute back to school outfit. I love your shoes! It definitely doesn't surprise me that you're a size 4. When I wear my size 9 oxfords I look like a clown! I hope all goes well with school tomorrow and the rest of the semester. I know you'll do great! Although that paper does sound a little daunting...



    Southern (California) Belle

  4. no sthinkin' way you are too lucky to fit into kid's shoes. so is that a 4 in adult sizing too? if so that is less than half of my shoe size haha. anyway, those shoes are amazing, so bright & fun but look comfy too- perfect for walking around to classes. love the bright skirt + blazer look too. oh & i do remember your recent comment to Elana that you didnt look good in oxfords w/ dresses - total lie I see! haha good luck w/ the crazy course load! is this your last semester of school?

  5. This is such a cute outfit! The colors together are perfect! Good luck on your semester; I know what you mean about crazy course loads. I took 18 credits last semester and worked 20 hours a week. Urgh. Not doing that again. Anyway, you can do it!

    Also, your shoes are amazing. How awesome that you can fit into little kids shoes - opens up a whole world full of possibilities.


  6. Those shoes are adorable! I love this look! I'll be sending positive school thoughts your way--good luck!

  7. Oh my stars, fantastic hair do! I love those shoes too, lovely and fun color!

    <3 Cambria

  8. Good luck this year!
    I love the shoes they look fantastic! I'm in love with this outfit.


  9. What a cute pattern mix, lurve the shoes too!

    <3 Megan

  10. Adorable everything!! The shoes are perfect and I love how half of what you wear is thrifted :)


  11. This outfit is seriously so fun, I LOVE the teal with the hot pink!

  12. You look much cuter than I looked when I was in college, HA! I love the bright colors and I cannot believe those shoes! I have gigantic feet so I cannot relate, but those are adorable. My sister-in-law buys kid's shoes too-they are cheaper that way!
    Also, I bet you'll do great on that paper! Words get rolling and before you know it you'll be done. For my final project in college my paper was about 70 pages. It just about killed me but it was worth it and so rewarding!

  13. OMG, a 35 page paper sounds insane. That sounds like the work I had to do when I was in the credential program to be a teacher. Turning in essays in binder format because they were so huge. LOL. Good luck girl! :) I love this color on you and your red lips are hot! <3


  14. Very stylish outfit! And I adore your shoes!

  15. oh your shoes are so cute and holy moly your so lucky to fit in kids shoes, i am like a giant and am a size eleven or ten in womens lol i love the colour of your blazer, good luck with school!!!!! i know i have way harder classes this semester so NOT looking foreward to it at all

  16. I love this outfit and those shoes! I also can fit into kids sized shoes and have found that very convenient in the past :) They have some really cute flats! Good luck with your classes, I miss school (a little)!

  17. this outfit is so colourful, makes me kind of happy. Oh no, school started? In Switzerland it started last week and I already want to have holidays again, haha! :)

  18. Really pretty outfit! I adore the color choice! Those shoes are the cutest!

  19. Your semester sounds terrible, good luck getting through it! This is such a cute outfit for class, though I imagine you must be freezing! Also, these shoes were such an awesome find.

  20. I love your school style. It's a lot of fun. And those shoes are adorable. You are so lucky to be able to wear children's shoes. Good luck on your seminar paper. I did a double major and had to write two of those, so I know how horrible it can get.

  21. Oh my gosh those shoes are darling! Lucky you having tiny feet! I love that blazer too and I always love floral and stripes together! Yikes, school sounds like its going to be challenging! Good luck girl!!

  22. Lucky for you indeed; those shoes are so cute! Good luck as school starts.

  23. I'm just now getting to seeing this outfit and I love ittttt! I want those shoes. What an awesome find. They barely even look worn. I really love the combination of the pink shoes with the teal colors in the rest of your outfit. It's even more fantastic that this is such a comfy outfit. There are few things that make me happier than looking super cool in an outfit I could sleep in. Also this outfit reminds me that I need to wear my blazers at some point while it's still cold.

  24. The skirt and blazer look they were made to be worn together! And I love those shoes.


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