Sweet Lorain & a Blogger Brunch

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday afternoon, Lauren and I headed to Ohio City for a blogger brunch at Touch Supper Club. This place was super fancy, cozy, and their food was super delicious. And did I mention, very pretty? Their coffee was top notch and if there's one thing that makes or breaks a brunch spot for me is the coffee (I'm looking at you Wally Waffle). There was just the right amount of bloggers and we were able to socialize perfectly before, during, and after our brunch.

Meeting bloggers in real life, is always interesting and fun. I know these ladies from their blogs, their photos, and what they share weekly, but hearing their voices and seeing their stunning style in the world is always so much fun. There were a couple ladies whose blogs I had never read, but it was wonderful meeting them first and then digging into their blogs. It's amazing to know that Cleveland/Akron/Canton/Pittsburgh has such a booming blogger community. These ladies have great blogs, pretty style, and they're as sweet in person as on the internet. There was talk of making this a seasonal thing and I surely won't say no!

After we ate, we headed to Sweet Lorain. Which might be one of the best vintage and antique shops I've ever been to. There is absolutely EVERYTHING in this place. It's huge and wonderful. Want a vintage Playboy? They got it. Vintage clothes organized by decade and style. Like "70's Formal". They've got that too. Records, jewelry, unlimited hats, shoes, home decor, men's clothing, 1950's magazines, post cards, old sewing patterns, and really, ANYTHING else you could possibly dream up. It's probably here. If you are ever in Ohio City, make a stop here. You will not regret it.

I didn't end up buying anything, but we did go to Unique Thrift down the street where I bought three awesome belts for the amazing price of $2.

The Bloggers
Karina of Beach and Dress ** Katy of Sugar and Chiffon ** Mandi of Making Nice in the Midwest ** Megan of Kiddo TV ** Dina of Dina's Days ** Lauren of Someone Like You ** Julie of Orchid Grey ** Mandy of The Curvy Blogger ** Erin of Zero Style ** Liz of Yellow Finch

**Group photo c/o Erin
**Photo of me shooting c/o Lauren

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