Television Style: Clarrisa Explains It All

Friday, February 15, 2013

I was pretty young when Clarissa Explains It All was on the air, but I remember watching it every single time it was on the tv. Thank goodness for reruns! Melissa Joan Hart has been a constant in my television life starting with this and followed by Sabrina the Teenage Witch and currently, Melissa and Joey. She's not the best actress, but I always get a kick out of her shows. I think that Clarissa was her best style wise. It started in '91 -- right when grunge was becoming a thing. The style mixes wacky prints, odd layers, early 90's grunge, and childlike whimsy. Which is exactly why her clothes always appealed to me. Obviously only an awesome mom would let their daughter dress this way.

If you've never seen Clarissa, how have you lived this long? It's a classic pre-teen/teen show about growing up as a pre-teen/teen. I don't know that she ever truly explained anything, but she sure looked rad.

Get the look:

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