Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We've been found


This isn't the most flattering outfit, I've ever worn. But hey! It was really comfortable. In this cold, I want comfort vs. pretty. I succeeded. I've never worn these shorts in public. They're typically what I wear under dresses/skirts in the summer. I don't know how to sit like a lady and Ohio is very windy.

If you haven't checked out Rachel's post about the Goodwill Fashion Show, do it now! Her collection is adorable and I wore one of the outfits and I wanted to steal it. I'll be doing a write up/post with photos later this week.

Oh, and people keep commenting about how I'm always wearing hats and it's true, I do wear hats non-stop. but there's a reason. Well, a reason beyond the fact that I simply love them. It's WINDY. Like really windy and if I'm not wearing a hat my hair is sticking straight up and I look like a maniac. She this post. EEK.


Outfit Details:
Sweater: Thrifted
Shoes: PacSun
Scarf: found
Shorts: Wet Seal
24 comments on "We've been found"
  1. Why do you say it's not flattering?? You look adorable!! I absolutely love those shorts, especially with the tights underneath. And that sweater is such a great find!!


  2. This outfit is super cute! Your comfortable is most people's dressed up. But I'm just like you :). It's weird to see you in shorts! At least they're laced and pretty and I think they're a great way to be comfortable without looking like a bum.



    Southern (California) Belle

  3. I love those shorts! I've never thought of them as like a bloomer type thing under dresses, thats a cute idea. but regardless I think this is really cute. Sometimes I feel like these shorts are weird with tights and you did it very well I think with all of your neutrals and muted tones.

  4. These pictures are so wonderful, love this spot for photos!! This is a great outfit, I really love the lacy shorts with the thick knit sweater, such a great contrast!

  5. I always adore you wearing hats, and am now even more amazed that you wear them when it's windy. When its windy hats blow off my head and I am chasing them down the street.

    I love this outfit. You say comfortable vs. looks, but really what it is, is effortlessly chic. You aren't trying too hard and somehow that comes off as more chic than someone else's trying-hard outfit. LOVE it.

  6. girl i love this outfit! i do that all the time with my boyfriend jeans and massive sweaters. but i think this looks awesome on you! so so cute!


  7. This is such a great outfit. Love the shorts!

  8. This is one of my favorites from you!! I think those shorts are adorable with tights and they do look super comfy. And I know, hats are a must. My hair is always completely crazy in my photos because of the wind. Sometimes it's even too windy for a hat because they blow right off my noggin! Anyway you look amazing as always. Your red lips with a black/white outfit are spot on.

  9. Those shorts are from Wet Seal?! Those are super cute and I'm glad stores are starting to make them now. I feel like before they were only made by those wholesale warehouse stores. I think you look fab in hats so keep wearing them girl! And thanks for all of the supportive words on my post. You are one of my favorites Jessica! <3


  10. beautiful outfit!<3


  11. love love love those shorts with the sweater lady!


  12. I really love this look! I'm such a fan of shorts over tights and I love the look of the lace with the patterned sweater. Very cute!

  13. Girl I think you look great! I don't think this is unflattering at all! Love the adorable lace shorts and the thrifted sweater is such a good find! I just posted about how frustrating the wind is being, ruining multiple outfits of mine! Definitely going to keep the hat trick in mind since its usually my CRAZY hair thats the issue!
    Have a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  14. I love this outfit! It's kind of refreshing to see you in something other than a dress, although you do rock the frocks. ;)


  15. Absolutely love your outfit and especially the sweater - this pattern is too pretty!

    Have a fantastic day,

  16. Ahhh that sweater! Love it!
    xo Heather

  17. I don't think this is unflattering at all, I really like that it's a little different for you. I love these shorts, I'm the same exact way. I wear shorts under all of my dresses because I can't be trusted to act poised haha. And I can't wait to see more about the goodwill fashion show, it sounds so fun!

  18. I live in hats too - and my hair is the same way in the wind, so fine it just stands straight up and looks insane. I truly could never be one of those gals who ride in convertibles and have their hair look amazing afterwards.

    Enough rambling - this outfit is so pretty and perfectly cozy for winter. Definitely not unflattering at all!

  19. like this outfit, you look so sweet ;)


  20. i think it's a totally flattering outfit on you! i think the balance w/ the cozy big sweater & shorter shorts is perfect. oh and do you do something to not get your hats to fall off w/ all the wind? mine fall off every 2 secs anytime it's remotely windy but maybe it's because my head is so big. anyway, love this one on you!

  21. I love the tights and the sweater!!


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