We've been found

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


This isn't the most flattering outfit, I've ever worn. But hey! It was really comfortable. In this cold, I want comfort vs. pretty. I succeeded. I've never worn these shorts in public. They're typically what I wear under dresses/skirts in the summer. I don't know how to sit like a lady and Ohio is very windy.

If you haven't checked out Rachel's post about the Goodwill Fashion Show, do it now! Her collection is adorable and I wore one of the outfits and I wanted to steal it. I'll be doing a write up/post with photos later this week.

Oh, and people keep commenting about how I'm always wearing hats and it's true, I do wear hats non-stop. but there's a reason. Well, a reason beyond the fact that I simply love them. It's WINDY. Like really windy and if I'm not wearing a hat my hair is sticking straight up and I look like a maniac. She this post. EEK.


Outfit Details:
Sweater: Thrifted
Shoes: PacSun
Scarf: found
Shorts: Wet Seal
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