Sunday, March 10, 2013

Age of Misinformation

I haven't worn this dress since the summer & since I rediscovered it in my closet -- I've worn it non-stop. It really is a great dress! I rehabbed this from a floor length hideous number to a shorter modern wearable dress. I'm thrilled that it transitioned from summer to winter easily.

My sister made this hat! She's working on her Etsy store and I'm really excited, but she swore this hat was too big for anyone to wear. NOOO. Wrong. It's the perfect big slouchy hat. She told me I look homeless in it, but whatever because it's warm.

This location is on the side of the highway that I drive every single day. I've always caught glimpses and thought about finding it. I finally got a name of a business near it and we ventured to it. It's on a really small, busy street. Everyone was staring and beeping and making noises. But you know, that's typical when you're fashion blogging. But I think it worked out exactly how I planned.

Now I'm off to brunch in Ohio City with my best girl that just moved out there! I'm so excited to visit Ohio City again, but driving an hour for food is always the WORST.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Thrifted (rehabbed)
Shoes: PacSun
Hat: handmade by my sister
Belt: Thrifted
Jacket: BB Dakota
Tights: Gift (UO)
33 comments on "Age of Misinformation"
  1. This slouchy hat is perfect on you, definitely not too big or homeless-looking. I love taking spring pieces and transitioning them for winter though - you do it effortlessly here.

    Have fun at brunch! :)


  2. Love this outfit, Jessica! That hat looks so cozy and I am really digging the floral print on this dress. Have fun a brunch!

  3. i love reworking long thrift store dresses! most of the patterns are so pretty and the shape is good, they just need a new hemline! so cool to find out i'm not the only one that does that. have fun in ohio city!

  4. Your sister is crazy talented. I love the slouchiness of the hat. You did a great job with the dress too. I love it with the yellow tights! Good for you for finding the spot and taking pics through the distractions! I love when that happens!

  5. I can't wait until your sister opens a store, I would totally buy a hat from her! I love what you did with this dress and am quite jealous of your rehabbing skills :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  6. I do love the way you pair colourful tights! The jacket looks great on you :)

  7. I love the floral print dress, what a great makeover you gave it! The slouchy hat is amazing too, definitely let us know when your sister opens her shop :)

  8. This dress is adorable! I love the length and how easily it can transition from a cold to hot weather look. Your peachy colored tights are wonderful with it. I'm loving your cool leather jacket too.

  9. I have a summer dress like this!! And it's great how you transitioned it to a winter dress...I like how you paired it with mustard tights. I have mustard tights that I have no idea what to wear it with so I might try that with my similar dress...thanks! :)

  10. You look so cute! I love that dress, and your leather jacket looks great with it! (As does your hat ;D)

    Hope life's treating you well!

  11. That's so cool that your sister made this hat, it really is the perfect slouchy piece. Definitely let us know when her shop goes up. I loooove this dress and how transitioned it for colder weather. The yellow tights look amazing with it. Hope you're having fun in Ohio City!

  12. I love this floral dress styled for winter!! It's absolutely perfect on you with the leather jacket. I need to find some florals to pair with my leather jacket now! Driving an hour for food would make me so hangry (anger because of being hungry)

  13. This dress looks so cool now - I love how shortening makes a cute item out of a hideous long number!


  14. Wow, the hat is great! I think it's the perfect size. I love dresses that transition easily, especially with the unpredictable weather of the midwest. Plus, I love those pale tights! Great look, girl :)

  15. this dress is so cute! and i personally think the hat looks great :)

  16. Floral patterns are so lovely! + Props to your sister on her hat making skills :) You look great in it!

  17. I love big slouchy hats - they are the best!! I need to knit more. And I LOVE those tights with this dress. Seriously awesome.

  18. I have so many things to say! haha
    1) You mix hard and soft elements better than anyone.
    2) So glad your sister is starting an Etsy shop - I always love the stuff you wear that she's made (especially that slouchy hat).
    3) I cannot imagine that dress long, yuck - great job making it short!
    4) Great find for pictures - they go great with this outfit!


  19. That dress is so pretty! And obviously by "homeless" your sister meant to say "hot". She was only a few letters off, right?

  20. Congrats on your sister's Etsy store! My sister knows how to knit too and she made me a scarf once. :) i love the hat on you and you do not look homeless! :P Love that dress and your hair is looking so pretty! <3


  21. I am impressed with being able to keep going with people acting like that. I think if it was multiple people (not just one annoying neighbour) I would probably have run away, especially if I was on my own. I think it's really cool that you don't let it bother you.
    I really love the leather jacket with the floral dress. I think it's quite an American style and it really makes me want to get a new leather jacket for the summer. The last one I had I bought in Texas but it's all worn out. :( Oh and your extensions look gorgeous! Hope they are back the way you wanted them.

  22. Your sister made that? I'm impressed! A very cute style.

  23. I LOVE the pattern on this dress! I'm super into florals all of a sudden, and this one is one of my favorites that I've seen. And I really want to try out a slouchy beanie ever since seeing them all over NYFW. Yours is so cute!

  24. I can't believe this dress was ever hideous, haha. You've done an amazing job with it! It's so pretty and perfect for Spring! I love anything floral. This spot is pretty neat, sometimes it's worth the stares and shouts for some great photos right? And these are awesome.
    Where are you going on your trip? :)

  25. Very cute dress!

  26. I love your blog! Following now, stay in touch xx

  27. I like this cute outfit with an edge. I am from the Midwest too and glad I found the blog.

    Hopefully it warms up for us so we don't only see flowers on our dresses.

  28. That dress is just so perfect! You really did a wonderful job recreating it! Do you have a before picture of it, because that would be fun to see! :)


  29. The floral print dress you rehabbed is gorgeous! Your hair looks pretty too.

    Have a happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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