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Sunday, March 3, 2013

This has been another recent "go to" outfit. It's so cozy, warm, and perfect for these non-stop freezin' days. Plus I love mixed prints and I think that floral prints and stripes were made for each other. This ring is from Anjolee. I wrote a whole post about it here and I've been wearin' it every day since I got it.

I got my hair dyed yesterday and it took about three shades darker than it should've. It's a lovely color, but it doesn't blend with the extensions. Afterwards, I had a clarifying and a Malibu treatment done. I'll be going back Tuesday for another stronger treatment and hopefully easing my hair from this almost black to the pretty brown it needs to be. The worst part is WE USED THE SAME COLOR as we always do. And if there's one thing that's important to me, it's natural looking extensions. Luckily, I have some photos on file and I'm hopin' it's all back to normal soon!

Outfit Details:
Sweater: H&M (Chicago)
Skirt: Borrowed (no idea where it's from)
Boots: Thrifted C/O Volunteers of America
Tights: Express
Scarf: Belongs to my sister
Ring: C/O Anjolee
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