Friday, March 1, 2013

Review: anjolee

I received this lovely ring from Anjolee. Anjolee is a company that makes custom designed jewelry. They specialize in wedding rings, diamond bracelets, and diamond eternity rings. Each of their pieces are custom made and can be tailored to your personal choices. The options include metal type, quality, length, and diamond size. All of which are really fun to play around with and see how they'd come out.

The ring is silver with high quality cz’s & "ruby" gemstones. The ring is the diamond eternity. The ring is much smaller and dainty that I had an anticipated, but I adore it. It's so cute and perfect for every day wear. Which is great because I've never been one to wear rings every day.

While Anjolee is definitely out of the every day price range, it would be the perfect place to custom design everlasting pieces for special occasions.