TELEVISION STYLE: Little Jenny Humphrey {Gossip Girl}

Monday, March 25, 2013

preppyjWith Gossip Girl coming to a close a couple months ago, I've been feeling a tad nostalgic. Originally I was going to do this whole post on all the cast members, but when I started researching photos, I realized the cast is far too incredible. So don't be surprised when you see a lot more gossip girl on here.


Jenny Humphrey or Little J as we on the Upper East Side know her, is the little sister, social climber, and overall bad girl of Gossip Girl. She left the show to pursue a music career, but the Little J days were the best.

Her style started off very innocent and sweet. Colorful, bright, put together, and classy. She had lighter more natural blonde hair, wore berets, and headbands. She was classic and prep school preppy.


Over the course of the show, her hair got more blonde and her style became more edgy. I love a (well done) platinum blonde. I also love red lips, tall shoes, short skirts, and leather jackets.


Unlike most television characters, her style truly evolved. By evolved, I really mean it did a complete 360. Her hair and make up were two of the most evolving parts of her style and it's fun to see how her personal style influenced her character's style.

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