Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I used to be someone

This outfit makes me happy for a couple reasons, but mostly because it's composed of pieces I've purchased while traveling. The pieces that were not from travel were from people that inspire me. So, it's basically the best combination of clothes. This skirt has always been one of my favorites and I got it during a weekend in NYC. Which was a couple months before I started this blog. It's been featured on here a couple times, but probably before any of you were reading. And this top? I bought this in Los Angeles at Wasteland. I love see through tops and jewels so it's basically made for me.

My boyfriend and I have a really great photography system. I dress myself. I decide what aesthetic matches or perfectly contrasts with my outfit. I scout out the location. We arrive and then he usually picks the exact spot we use. For instance, I picked this cemetery near my house and he had the eye for this little spot at the bottom of the hill. It was perfectly drab and eerie.

Outfit Details:
Top: Wasteland (LA)
Skirt: Forever 21 (New York City)
Headband: Gift from my BFF Allison
Shoes: Fossil purchased from Aubrey
Tights: American Apparel
Belt: Thrifted (Unique Thrift in Ohio City)
20 comments on "I used to be someone"
  1. No, you are awesome Jessica! Love your shirt :)

  2. Love that little bow headband and those shoes! Great location too. This outfit is like spring sunshine peeking through rainy clouds! :)

    xox Sammi

  3. Sounds like a great team--you and your boyfriend as well as this skirt and blouse! I love the colors and print of that skirt!

  4. LOVE this skirt, seriously the best pattern/colours ever. It looks great with this blouse. I love pieces from travelling because they have so many memories attached!

  5. Agreed - LOVE the skirt!


  6. I've always loved that skirt and the many ways you have styled it :)

  7. Victor is so cute, I love how he's really involved in your blog. Kevin does his best to keep his distance lol. I think this was a great location for these photos and this outfit kind of contradicts the whole cemetery feel. I love this skirt (can't wait to see a remix post) and I'm glad you bought this top at Wasteland. It's totally you!



    Southern (California) Belle

    P.S. Here's the link to where I got my skirt:

  8. I think it is fun to hear about other bloggers' posting/photographing processes.

    Also, I know it is not it, but your title totally makes me think of that On the Waterfront quote. You know..." I coulda been a contender..."

    Lastly, looking cute!

  9. I love each of the pieces in your outfit & you and your boyfriend make a great team by the looks of all your pictures!


  10. What a perfect spot! I love the mossy wall behind you and cemeteries always make for great background. :) Cute skirt! I love the bright colors in it! <3


  11. Such a great spot to shoot the outfit! The contrast is impeccably creepy ;)

    xo Ashley

  12. I wish I could get my boyfriend to take awesome pics like this of me hahaha! Great post, I need to check out that thrift store in Ohio City because that belt is adorable!

  13. That's awesome that your BF is part of the photo-spot picking. Sometimes Ethan helps me scout too. I was JUST thinking of taking photos in the cemetary the other day! Now I really want to because yours are amazing! (as usual) I love the bow headband and that skirt is super pretty and so perfect for Spring.

  14. That skirt is so cute. I love clothes that remind me of trips.

  15. sounds like you really do have a good photographing routine! my photographer (aka hubs) doesn't usually have a photographic eye so I'm really jealous he helps you pick a good spot like this. and i love this skirt in all your diff varieties of it but this is great w/ the sheet cream blouse and the adorable bow!

  16. This is the most amazing skirt I have ever seen, it is stunning.

  17. Love the location. It's fantastic that you have a boyfriend that is willing to take outfit photos of you, that is very talented, and that you work great with! I personally can't find the nerve to set up a tripod and take selfies so I have to wait until I nab someone to help out! xo


  18. such a cute and wonderful outfit! It reminds me of sweets haha. Lovely style, fun and stylish xx


  19. Sounds like a great routine! I really love the background for these pictures.
    Your skirt is so wonderfully fun and colorful. I think the gray tights look perfect with it and the bow in your hair is the best thing ever.

  20. wow I love your skirt, it reminds me of watercolour brushes, so pretty! this outfit definitely suits you very well! :) oh and the location is just beautiful!

    Drawing Dreaming


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