Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This is Unity Music

If any of you follow me on Instagram, you've been seeing glances into past Jessica. Past Jessica went through a wide array of style changes. Part of high school, I was into that gothic style. You know, baggy dark clothes, band tees, messy hair, Vans, tons of bracelets, and other embarrassing things. After the short lived "goth" phase, I discovered band t-shirts. And by discovered, I mean, that's all I wore. Band t-shirts + jean mini skirts + leggings + checkerboard slip-on Vans = mid-high school Jessica. Which means, I have a plethora of band shirts and when I'm lazy, you better believe I'm wearing one. Some are slightly hilarious, but most of them, are still a reflection of the music that I listen to still.

Today, I bring you Common Rider (a video to one of my fav jams). Common Rider was a short lived punk band based out of Berkeley, California. Fronted by Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy. If any of you are literary nerds, his dad is Leonard Michaels. Jesse also dabbles in art and designed this shirt!

Common Rider is just one of those bands. You know, the ones that you hear and change your entire musical life. They're so upbeat, fun, and the lyrics are incredible. Plus, Common Rider is one of the few bands that all three of my siblings and I love. Thanks, Brother!

This band started what I like to refer to as "Punk Jessica". So, this is for you, Punk Jessica. This is how you dress like a fashionable bad ass.

Outfit Details:
T-Shirt: Plea For Peace Tour 2001 (??)
Skirt: Forever 21 (LA)
Shoes: Gift
Tights: AA
Hat: Forever 21 (LA)
Sunglasses: ModCloth
Jacket: BB Dakota
18 comments on "This is Unity Music"
  1. Fun to hear of "past Jessica" and all her forays into fashion. This is a great outfit, especially with the jacket.

  2. Oh man, past Jessica and past Jenna would have been pals for sure! I was all about band tees, vans. Gooood times.
    Love this look, that you're styling a band tee in a way that fits where your styles at now

  3. Oh wow, this my favorite outfit. For sure. You look damn sexay gurl. I'm a punk rocker at heart though so maybe that's why. I dunno, I sure love all the black layered.

  4. Those sunnies!!! And that skirt! Girl this is legit. Love it


  5. I remember those days! I have 30+ band shirts hanging in my closet that I just can't part with.

  6. haha, yes i remember those days in middle school with all of the band t-shirts and all the black. yes.. hard to believe how much our style changes/some stays the same. i love this look though on you!

    lindsey louise

  7. Haha, wow, I used to listen to Operation Ivy, I think I may still have a Tee somewhere. Great sunglasses! You look cute, and love that skirt! :)

  8. you are so unpredictable, the outfits you post vary from girly-vintage to all black-with studs. So great, that's what I love. I'm also so jealous of your hat, I've been searching for such one for more than a year!

  9. Those sunglasses are great! I am a HUGE band shirt hoarder. I love 'em. In high school I think I thought I was Punky Brewster LOL Gotta love high school!

  10. So digging the badassness of this look!! I went through a goth phase in high school myself, black all day every day. Of course I never called myself goth, it's other people who labelled me like so. I just really liked baggy black clothes because nothing fit!

  11. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    You are so gorgeous and your outfit so absolutely cool! There's nothing better than a good band shirt. Also loving your hair!

    Have the best day ever,

  12. It is funny how everyone's style evolves and changes. I love black now more than ever and I never owned a lick of it 2 years ago. That's what's fun about fashion =)

    xx Missy

  13. This skirt is so killer on you! I'm really happy that you found such a great leather skirt and at an even better price. I love seeing TBT Jessica pictures. You have gone through so many phases, it definitely reminds me of, well, me! I think your style has evolved so perfectly but you still stay true to inner Jessica... If that makes any sense!



    Southern (California) Belle

  14. I love this take on 'punk jessica'! The skirt and jacket are a perfect match with the shirt. I went through a similar phase in high school, and have a ton of band tees to prove it!

  15. I've been loving the past Insta pics of you! I went through some similar phases as well - (but very embarrassing actually). This outfit is so perfectly balanced with a mix of edge and girly..and that skirt <3!!! I would love to be able to pull of a leather jacket as well as you do :-)

  16. I'm a fan of "punk Jessica" - she is quite the fashionable bad ass lol I always love to dress up my old band t-shirts. And By dress up I mean not wear them like the dirty teenager we all once were haha


  17. I love styling band t-shirts! Oh the high school days and the pop/punk thing... I was never completely into any trending style in high school, but I definitely had an affinity for the bands and aesthetic. You look so cute here in your mini skirt and leather jacket. I love how edgy and cool this outfit is. Awesome sunglasses too!


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