Sunday, May 26, 2013

Elana and I have a lot in common, but one thing in particular stands out: our love of television. Which is why we're going to start collaborating on monthly television gems on each others blogs. Today, we bring you a very relevant post about the greatest show, ever, Arrested Development.

While we're only giving you ten reasons, there are probably about a million reasons why you should be watching this brilliant read up.

It's brilliant
Seriously. The show is flawless.

...And it's a little weird
It's definitely not your standard sitcom, but who cares? It's a nice break from the norm and it's refreshing. There is nothing else out there quite like it. And while that's probably part of why it got cancelled prematurely, it's also part of why it's coming back.

The cast is incredible
The cast is probably the best part of the show. Jason Bateman? Yes, please. David Cross? Only one of the funniest comedian/actors. Portia Di Rossi? Mega babe. Will Arnett? Incredibly hilarious. Michael Cera? The show shaped him into the actor that he is. 

The characters they play
The Bluth family is so self-absorbed and so completely ridiculous, that the jokes practically write themselves. We could go on and on about the hilarious quirks of each character, but it's probably easier that you just watch for yourself.

The Guest stars

In order to attract a large amount of guest stars, a show must either have high ratings or high quality. AD falls into the latter, as only a show this good could convince Liza Minelli to be a reoccurring character with a bad case of vertigo or Carl Weathers to appear in multiple episodes as a cheapskate version of himself. Of course, that's just the tip of the guest star iceberg. Charlize Theron, Ben Stiller, Andy Richter, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and an endless list of others all made appearances on the show and many will be returning in the new season.

It's infectious
But in a good way. After one (or fifteen) viewings, you'll start responding or referring to situations/people with references or quotes from the show. It's only mildly awkward when no one gets it. But when they do, it's like you've found a new best friend. If you're not watching, you're making a huge mistake.

It's smart
One of the worst things a show can do is talk down to its audience. Arrested Development makes smart jokes every second, then references them five episodes later, and doesn't wait for the audience to catch up. 

It gets better with age
Because there are so many jokes, you're likely to catch new ones with every viewing. It's one of those shows can you can watch thousands of times (and trust us, we know) and it never gets old.

It's being brought back from the dead
The last episode of Arrested Development aired seven years ago. Not many show are resurrected from the dead. This show is changing the television playing field and it's kind of a big deal. 

The fans
One of the biggest reasons the show was even able to be resurrected is due to the fans. Sure, we're annoying at times with our constant screaming of "I'm a monster" or constant "I just blue myself"s, but we're passionate. It's because of how unrelentless the fans are that Netflix had faith that it would have a big enough audience. Plus, it's because of the fans that you can find millions of pictures of dudes dressed in cutoff denim shorts for Halloween costumes.

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