Sunday, May 5, 2013

Everything is Everything

Spring has arrived in full force and I'm 100% in love. I love early spring and fall more than anything else -- warmish with a slight breeze? Yes, please. My legs have been dying to see the light of day for months and now that they are free I'm blinded by my paleness. Must run to the store and purchase thin nude hose aka the guide to faking having color without tanning.

This top was a gift from Dus a long time ago. She is always rockin' these Mexican gems and I'm always inspired by her styling of them. It's the perfect material for this time of year and it has endless possibilities for restyling.

I broke my favorite sunglasses and they're sold out so, I went to the mall and made my little sister find me these. She's the best and scored me these lovely $5 gems. They aren't as good as the previous pair, but I'm now addicted to sunglasses and determined to get my hands on a replacement pair.

Outfit Details:
Top: Dus
Skirt: American Apparel
Shoes: PacSun
Hat: Forever 21 (LA)
Watch: Marc Jacobs (Gift from my boyfriend)
Sunglasses: Charlotte Ruesse
26 comments on "Everything is Everything"
  1. I think these American Apparel skirts look perfect on you. I'm sorry to hear about your sunglasses, they really were the cutest. Although these ones are a great pick too. And thank God it's finally spring in Ohio! It was almost 100 degrees on Friday and today it's raining. I have no idea what's going on.



    Southern (California) Belle

  2. Girl, you look amazing! I love the peachy skirt with that embroidered top! This is such a sweet summery outfit.

  3. Perfect colors for spring! I love how everything around you is so green too. By the way...I love your hair! I had this pair of thrifted sunglasses that were my favorites and I was so sad the day that they broke, especially because since they were thrifted there was no chance of me finding the same pair. But eventually I found another pair that was similar to them. I love sunglasses. They're definitely one of my favorite accessories.

  4. What beautiful scenery! Perfect fairy grove. Your lips and sunglasses stand out really nicely against it.

  5. I am in love with this spring weather as well. My skin seems like it's been hibernating away from the sun all this time haha. i think your outfit is so cute ;D

  6. That shirt is adorable on you as is the shirt. I'm sorry to hear about your sunglasses - I've hand my Ray-Bans for maybe 4 years now and I could imagine breaking them. I'm surprised those glasses were only five bucks because they look great on you!

    Ally @

  7. gah you look incredible!! I absolutely love your pairing of The Mitla w/ the dainty pink ballerina skirt & how you "punked" it up a bit w/ the heels & hat. such a lovely look! & that forest looks incredible! & yay for paleness, everyone is obsessed w/ being tan here but & it's awful for the skin that it drives me crazy.

    Cuddly Cacti
    My E-Shop

    1. oh and your face in that last one is amazing!!

  8. I really like your outfit here, the top is just perfect and the sunnies, too! And your hair looks so lovely! I really envy your beautiful waves...

    Have a great week,

  9. You look awesome in Dus' top, that' so nice that she gave it to you! I really want to try styling one once. And that sucks about the sunglasses! Your sister picked out a great pair though, they're awesome. Also, that last picture. LOVE.

  10. Cute! I love the top, it's so unique. Perfect with the skirt!!


  11. I hate when I break sunglasses, that sucks!
    This outfit it perfect, love this skirt on you with this pretty blouse. I almost bought this skirt but settled on the blue version. Now I wish I had both

  12. Love this color combination! I too blind everyone with my paleness lol

  13. I really like the colors in this! And the shirt pattern is really cool! Also...I'm from Akron too!

  14. Good score by your sister on the shades--those are too cute! I am sooooo ready for bare legs season to come full force here!

  15. So cute! Love that top, and the skirt is lovely. I love how tough you look, paired with this girly outfit! The last picture is too adorable. I am in love with spring, too. It's amazing how much more I'm smiling with this influx of amazing weather.

    xox Sammi

  16. That skirt is such a great color and I LOVE the cool top! That pattern on the top is super awesome.

  17. It is so fun to see your remixing of these Mexican embroidered tops. It is a very iconic part of Dus' style to me, and it also looks very natural and sweet on you. Paired with that skirt it's so summery!

  18. wow this has to be one of my favourite outfits of yours from all time!! I love how you mixed such a romantic outfit with rock pieces, amazing!!

    Drawing Dreaming

  19. Ok, first- you look absolutely adorable. Second- the ombre hair looks AMAZING on you. I know I am a little late on commenting about it but girl, you look gorgeous! Great outfit!


  20. Sooooo adorable. Love the black with the pastels... Girl you're always lookin good!


  21. That is such an adorable top! I love the style of it - it reminded me of something that Dus would wear and then you said it! So cute!


  22. I love this! The pretty pattern on your top looks great with your pink skirt. I think the edgy accessories like your black boots contrast with everything else so perfectly.


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