Welcome to Cleveland

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thursday was the fashion show and I'm one of those people that gets sick to my stomach if I'm late to anything. I dislike waiting on people and I would never make someone wait on me. It's a problem, really. Which is why my sister and I arrived to Windows on the River a wee bit early. Which ended up being great because we had the opportunity to snap some photos.

My sister, Nicole, is a lot of things, but a photographer she is not. Any time I've ever needed her to help with a photograph, it's hilarious. She doesn't understand composition, framing, or really, even how to hold a camera. But with the camera already set up correctly and a lot of instructions, she managed to take some pretty cool photos! And I was able to snap a few of her. Which is also a feat because she's hilariously awkward in front of the camera. It was a total win and she was a great model for me!

This is a skirt that I wore out in LA and it was supposed to be part of my collection, but I was afraid someone would keep it, so I didn't include it. It's one of my favorite thrifted pieces, ever and it worked as a dress almost as good as it does a skirt. I thought it was only fitting to wear a mostly thrifted/swapped look to the event.

Outfit Details:
Skirt (worn as a dress): Thrifted
Shoes: PayLess
Belt: Cirra (Fort Collins, Colorado)
Cardigan: Swapped
Hat: Forever 21
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