Sunday, May 12, 2013

Welcome to Cleveland

Thursday was the fashion show and I'm one of those people that gets sick to my stomach if I'm late to anything. I dislike waiting on people and I would never make someone wait on me. It's a problem, really. Which is why my sister and I arrived to Windows on the River a wee bit early. Which ended up being great because we had the opportunity to snap some photos.

My sister, Nicole, is a lot of things, but a photographer she is not. Any time I've ever needed her to help with a photograph, it's hilarious. She doesn't understand composition, framing, or really, even how to hold a camera. But with the camera already set up correctly and a lot of instructions, she managed to take some pretty cool photos! And I was able to snap a few of her. Which is also a feat because she's hilariously awkward in front of the camera. It was a total win and she was a great model for me!

This is a skirt that I wore out in LA and it was supposed to be part of my collection, but I was afraid someone would keep it, so I didn't include it. It's one of my favorite thrifted pieces, ever and it worked as a dress almost as good as it does a skirt. I thought it was only fitting to wear a mostly thrifted/swapped look to the event.

Outfit Details:
Skirt (worn as a dress): Thrifted
Shoes: PayLess
Belt: Cirra (Fort Collins, Colorado)
Cardigan: Swapped
Hat: Forever 21
19 comments on "Welcome to Cleveland"
  1. I am loving the longer skirt as a dress, this is one of the reasons I want to get a maxi!! Love the photos, and your sister is so cute.
    I am always early to everything because I hate being late too

  2. Love your skirt/dress! Those are some of the best thrifted items!

  3. You sister did do well with these photos and she also looks great in that photo too. Pretty dress/skirt :)

  4. This skirt is so pretty and I love how you wore it as a dress this time. I wish I could have gone to your fashion show, it looked like so much fun. Proud of you girl! Oh, and I think Nicole did a great job taking photos :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  5. Your sister took some great photos indeed! I hate being late too--so stressful! Your dress and shoes are very pretty!

  6. You look lovely! That skirt looks great as a dress, and I can't wait to see the rest of the photos from the fashion show! <3

  7. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    You are so gorgeous and your dress so absolutely stunning! Love the colour!
    I'm the same with being late - I cannot stand people that let me wait, and I get sick when I'm late without the opportunity to tell the person that I'm late. So stupid!

    Have the best week ever,

  8. Love that you are including your sister, you guys both have such great style & personality :D

    <3 Megan

  9. 1) As a Pittsburgher I was raised to hate all things Cleveland, but I won't hold that against you haha!
    2) I love your skirt/dress and love wearing some of my maxi's as dresses too!
    3) I laughed out loud (in the library) at your description of your sister's woes with the camera.
    4) You both look awesome!


  10. The photos turned out really well - at first I thought you were at a baseball game for some odd reason, and I just I don't know why butI can't imagine you at a baseball game? And I totally get keeping the skirt - finds like that are hard to let go of. And I adoreee that blazer, I want it!

  11. I love the skirt as a dress- what a great way to get multiple looks out of one piece! I feel the same way about being late- it totally stresses me out. Although I am notoriously just barely on time :)

  12. This skirt was seriously the best find! I love it as a dress almost as much as a skirt. Also, I can't get over how awesome these sunglasses look on you.

    And your sister did a great job with the photos!

  13. Oh these photos are so lovely Jessica! I'm the same way about getting sick to my stomach if I'm late....not the greatest feeling for sure. The skirt as a dress is perfect on you (and I LOVE your sister's sleeve)!

  14. That is so creative to wear a skirt as a dress. I adore every outfit you wear!

  15. Lovely outfits! And man, I hate being late, but I struggle with it so much. It's a problem for me - I feel like I'm late for everything.

  16. it's always funny when you have to hand your camera over to someone else and they can never seem to capture what you have in your head as well as want them to, but i think your sister did a pretty good job this time around. also i love both of your pairs of sunglasses. :)

    little henry lee


  17. That is why I don't want other people taking photos of me unless I could give them a quick lesson haha. The photos came out lovely though.. and that skirt is very pretty! I can see why you wouldn't want to include.. just in case of grabby hands. @___@

    I haven't thought about wearing the longer skirts as a dress, I'll keep my eye out now.. Yay for being short! haha

  18. Love the skirt as a dress, the pleats are great and the color perfect on you. Your sis sounds just like my mom w/ a camera. I have to hold it and be step away but keep my hand there and then still give instructions like mom, you're pointing it at a downward angle haha. still I cant complain since I've still never gotten my tripod out and always get good enough ones to post. Your sister seems to have great style as well!
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