Miss Ohio's Nameless

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ever since Ashley gave me this dress I've been envisioning these photos. This dress demands the water and a "princess of the sea" kind of vibe. While I don't have an ocean near me, I do have Lake Erie. This little gem of a spot is part of Edgewater Park in Ohio City. It's a truly beautiful place. These rocks are a little secluded spot away from the "beach" area. Which means it's quiet and a nice distance from all the screaming kids. I especially love this place because it has a great view of Cleveland and if there's one thing I love without question is buildings in the skyline. Also if you can't tell it was very windy...

After these photos, my sister, boyfriend and I went to Happy Dog. Which if you don't know (I'm assuming you don't) is a build your own hot dog bar in Gordon Square. I got a vegetarian sausage with vegetarian chilli, cheddar cheese, Sriracha, and a fried egg. Yes, a fried egg on top of my hot dog. It was AMAZING and only $2.50. Plus it was polka night so the music was good. After that we decided we needed a break from the heat and went to my new favorite ice cream place, Sweet Moses. My sister and I shared a sundae that had coffee ice cream, chocolate & caramel sauce, toffee & peanut butter chunks, and almonds. Yes, it was all as delicious and fattening as it sounds. But it's all local and homemade. This is my idea of a perfect summer evening.

My sister lives in the absolute best part of Cleveland and every time I visit her I have so much fun and it's wonderful to discover all these new places. I am starting to fall for Cleveland. It's got more charm and delicious food than Akron and what could be better?

Outfit Details:
Dress: Gift from Ashley
Shoes: Target (kid section)
Belt: Thrifted (Unique Thrift, Ohio City)
Headband: Noto (Akron, Necklace worn in my hair)
Glasses: Charlotte Russe
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