Sunday, July 14, 2013

Unless it's kicks

I dyed my hair! Which if you follow me in other places, you probably already knew that. I'm not at the color I want to be, as it's a wee bit hard to go from dark red to blonde in one session. I contemplated buying new extensions, but I figured it would be smarter to wait until my hair was the perfect color. I do like the in between stage now, but I feel naked without my extensions. This is basically how I wear my hair on the daily, curly and messy. I'm actually really happy with my hair for once! It's growing -- you should see it not curled and I'm on the way to my dream hair color. So, I guess for a bit you will get to see what my hair really looks like. I don't love the short hair in pictures, but let's face it, extensions in the summer are uncomfortable and a total chore. Plus I'm channeling my inner Ashley Benson and it feels so good.

This skirt is a dress (I wore it two weeks ago) and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Two thumbs up for versatile pieces.

Also can we take a moment of silence to mourn the death of Cory Monteith? My heart is breaking! I don't usually get sad about celebrities, but he was absolutely my favorite person on Glee and it's a total shock.

Outfit Details:
Top: Forever 21 (NYC)
Skirt: BB Dakota (actually a dress worn as a skirt), thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
Belt: Forever 21 (NYC)
Glasses: ModCloth
Headband: Gif
30 comments on "Unless it's kicks"
  1. All I could think about at first is how the heck you turned this dress into a skirt?!? It looks wonderful! Also, I think your short hair is super cute and a really nice change from the extensions. It's definitely smart to wait until you achieve the perfect color before you buy some more. I actually have some super blonde extensions in my closet, they're really long and I may have only worn them once? Email me if you're interested :) Of course, they'd be free lol.

  2. Love the hair! That's pretty much how I've been wearing mine all summer. Short and curly = less hassle. I always love how creative you are with clothing. The end results are wonderful :)

  3. Your hair looks so cute!!! I love the colour, and the length. That dress as a skirt is amazing, the print is perfect!

  4. Love your hair! You're a beautiful blonde. :-)

  5. Whoa, first thing I noticed was your hair! You look good as a blonde :D
    Love the girly outfit, and the location is spot on as usual

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  6. Wow! I saw this on fb first and was super-surprised by the change. This looks nice though. How fun!

  7. That dress/skirt is so pretty! And I love your new hair color :)

    I am still soo shocked and saddened about Cory Monteith. I don't usually get sad about celebrities either but he seemed like a genuinely nice guy and he was great in Glee.

  8. you look so adorable! Your hair looks WONDERFUL! I absolutely love this dress as a skirt! And those sunglasses are ballin'!

    And I feel the same way about Cory Monteith. My dad told me this morning and I was just like WHAT?! So crazy and sad.


  9. Jessica!! I absolutely LOVE your hair like this! Even if it's not the color you ultimately want, I think it works so well on you. And actually, I think this length is adoooorable! Loving the dress worn as a skirt. I don't watch Glee, but the news about Cory was so shocking and sad. Matthew Morrison is coming to sing with our orchestra (where I work) in like, a week - and a big article about him was in today's paper... just really strange timing. So sad. :(

    xox Sammi

  10. WOah girl, you look so good! I love blonde on you, and your hair looks really cute short, too!
    Also very said about Cory's death, he was so young. Geez.


  11. i like your hair this colour! though i assume you want to go bright blonde, it's always better to take it slowly though, as i'm sure you know. especially if you're trying to grow your hair longer, you don't want half of it to fall out because it's been damaged. i love your sunglasses too, they're cute with the gold rim.

    it's so great to meet someone else who's straight edge, especially because beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogs are hardly the place you expect to come across someone who's aware of the subculture and who's into 80s hardcore as well, haha. :)

    little henry lee

  12. I was actually going to say I absolutely love your hair like this! I love to see it short and curly, it really suits you! :)
    Ester from Drawing Dreaming

  13. Your hair looks sooo cute :) I like your top too and I never would have guessed the skirt is actually a dress - great job on that!

  14. Love your new look. I'm sure it's taking a lot to get used to such a change though! And I cannot believe that Cory died, absolutely shocked.


  15. The blonde is so cute on you :D I like the dimension in it. Also, killed sunglasses! They'd look so badass with some leather.

    xo Ashley

  16. Your transition between brunette and blonde looks way better than an attempt I made years ago. I ended up with hair the color of a highlighter for 2 months.
    Your hair is very beautiful in it's natural texture! It doesn't look messy at all. It goes well with the girly outfit.

    Like everyone else, I too am saddened by the unexpected news of Cory's death. I only ever saw (and liked) the first 2 season of Glee, but thought he was an awesome guy and I continued to follow his career in movies and his Twitter updates. What a very big loss! He helped a lot of people with his character on Glee whether he knew it or not and those kind of actors are not easily forgotten.

  17. Love the dress/skirt and top combo! You always have the best eye for color :).

  18. Lovely outfit! Adore the pretty skirt, the print is lovely! <3

  19. GAAAAAHHHH!!!! I LOOOOVE your hair Jessica! It suits you well and I can't wait to see it progress!

  20. Love your hair! It isn't easy to make the transition from dark to light and it's so hard to be patient. This color combo is the best- love the mint with the pink/red, and hooray for versatile pieces!

  21. I love your hair! It looks super cute all short and curly, and the color is awesome too. I also love that you wore that dress as a skirt. It's such a pretty print! :)

  22. What an amazing post! Love!
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

  23. I have genuinely been puzzling over how you turned the dress into skirt. I do that by wearing something over the top, but it doesn't look like you've done that. I don't even know how you can tuck the top of it away like that!
    Also, your hair looks amazing! I think the short style really suits you. I know what you mean about long hair getting hot. I hate tying mine up but at the moment I've been having to wear it up more or my neck dies from heat.

  24. I'm trying to figure out how you made this dress into a skirt lol...looks great!!

  25. Beautiful outfit and yes! Versatile pieces are the best,., I think your hair looks lovely. I can definitely relate to how hard it is to go from one colour to the next desired colour in one go,

  26. This colour suits you so much! I love your hair curled like this too

  27. I love your in between color! looks like you got rid of the red nicely.
    Pretty as always :)

  28. I don't know who that Ashley person is but you look amazing!! this color looks great as is to me and I love your little curls! what is it like naturally btw? and extra love the mint top w/ the pink florals. did you fold the dress under or how did this magic happen? I can always easiler layer over dresses or wear them as tops but have the hardest time making them like skirts.
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  29. That's a beautiful outfit, and I do think you ended up with a very pretty in=between hair stage!


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