Sunday, August 4, 2013

God Bones

I never would've guessed that I'd be wearing booties, tights, and a fleece lined sweater in August, but here we are. I'm not complaining by any means, but I'm quite baffled. My birthday month is usually the hottest, but instead I'm sippin' on hot coffees/chai's and shivering in the evenings. It's REALLY nice because I have a strong dislike for summer. I should've been born in November. I am definitely not a summer baby.

So, this skirt was one of those rare thrift finds. The print is really great, it fits me like a glove, it's silky, and there are enough colors to perfectly remix it again and again. Actually I've worn this skirt three different ways this week, but I assure you I was hanging out with different people so no one knew. I think.

Are you guys sick of this hat yet? Well, don't worry my sister is sittin' across from me knitting me two more. She's a real gem.

Outfit Details:
Skirt/Necklace/Sweater: Thrifted
Shoes: Steve Madden (traded)
Hat: Made by Lisa
Belt: Forever 21 (NYC)
29 comments on "God Bones"
  1. I love this. The mix of prints and also mix of types of fabrics. A rather indie-rocker type look in my mind! Also, you were born in August? What day?

  2. Great outfit! Ps. love your blog design :)

  3. You're sooo lucky to be having cool weather. I HATE summer and it's 5984958349 degrees out now and it will be until Novemberish. I feel the same way about my birthday, it's in July and it should be in October or November!

    Life of Mabel

  4. I must say I really love summer but by the end of it I am so ready for layers and cooler temps. I'm not there yet though because we had a particularily harsh winter this year and I'm soaking every ounce of no snow weather I can get!
    Love the print mixing in this look, these prints were meant for each other! And keep the slouchy hats coming! Theyre so cute on you

  5. Love it!! Cute skirt and booties!! I am so jealous you get to wear that. the idea of wearing a sweater is making me melt.

  6. August is my birthday month too! Oh and we should definitely exchange countries - in Switzerland it's ALWAYS cold. I love your skirt!

  7. I love love love your skirt!! You're right about it being the perfect colors :) My birthday is in August too-- it was on Friday!! Anyways happy birthday to you :)


  8. Can your sister knit me one too?? Haha, its perfect!
    I loooove your gorgeous skirt, so fun mixed with the striped top and yellow tights. Also, tights? This early in August? I'm jealous! I'm ready to start layering again...hehe

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  9. You look so great! Can't wait to catch up on all your posts I've been missing since I haven't been on Bloglovin in a while!

  10. That hat is quite perfect! Also, I'm really loving those shoes! What am I saying? This whole outfit is perfect!


  11. Wow- I can't even imagine wearing these layers right now! Your outfit definitely makes me excited for fall. Yay for August bdays! :)

  12. Ummm definitely not sick of that hat! I am quite envious of your tights weather over there. It's still sweltering and I'm looking forward to long sleeves and layers. I love the print mixing in this outfit and I'm especially digging that skirt. Gorgeous!



    Southern (California) Bele

  13. I have a hat exactly like that! My friend Sara knit it for me. I love it!


  14. I love that beanie, it's so cute.

    The mix in prints and colors is cute, too! I;m with you, I never thought I could wear a cardigan comfortably in August, but here I am, doing so and still shivering.

  15. This skirt is absolutely gorgeous! What a great find!

    Xo, Hannah

  16. How I wish I could be wearing tights already. LA is having an unusually cool summer but its definitely not cool enough to wear layers. Your skirt is just fantastic - I love the colors and love how you paired it with the yellow tights. And you should keep rockin' that hat because it looks awesome on you.

  17. Ohh this is such a beautiful look, you styled everything so well. That skirt is amazing and I love your boots! It's been cooler than usual here too, and August is usually the hottest month. I have a new goal now: teach my sister to knit. So she can knit me hats as well haha :)

  18. Ugh, I'm so, so jealous of your weather. I can't wait for tights and sweaters. This skirt is GREAT. What a killer print. Also, I don't think you could ever wear this hat too much.

  19. Ooo this is such a lovely outfit- really has me thinking about fall and apple cider and toasted walnuts and pumpkins and...alright well, enough with that. But this outfit really is gorgeous on you- and your hair looks adorable! Love the little waves and the hat compliments it perfectly :) You look great!

    xo, Alyssa

  20. That skirt is such a great find! Love the pattern. I have been enjoying the slightly cooler temps as well :]

  21. Sick of the hat? No way. I love it! Ok, I'm jealous that you get to wear a Fall outfit in August. It's so hot here! Anyways, that skirt is cute, that's awesome that it fits so well!

  22. this is such a lovely look, dear! just found your blog, following you now, dear :)

    ChocolateFashionCoffee Facebook Page

  23. Weather has been the same here! You look nice and comfy cozy though :)

  24. LOVE this outfit! So chic! Following you on bloglovin and GFC I would love it if you followed back! I would love to have ya!

    come join my giveaway


  25. I never realized this before but YOU LOOK AMAZING in slouchy hats!!!

  26. Wow, I love the yellow tights so much. It is a very autumnal looking outfit, but August is a weird month anyway. And that skirt is a perfect thrift find.

    Random question, how do you choose your post titles?
    Thinking about it cause today I am totally stuck on what to call mine!

  27. My jaw dropped when I saw this outfit! i LOVE it! : D


  28. OMG LOVE this post:) your blog Is always so inspiring and lovely.

    Check out my new post...a guide to Swedish living:)

    have a great day dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)


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