Saturday, August 3, 2013

My very talented and lovely friend Sarah has officially launched her online vintage and accessories shop, Satterday! Sarah has a degree from one of the top fashion schools in the country, has lived from coast-to-coast, went on a music tour and lived out of a suitcase for months & still crafted beautiful looks, all the while documenting it all for her blog. When I think of affordable vintage with a modern twist, I think of Sarah. Her shop embodies just that: perfectly hand selected vintage at an affordable price. Plus she's selling a little of everything including handmade floral crowns -- which are one of the hottest trends right now!

What is Satterday?
Satterday is an e-commerce lifestyle retailer catering to true personal style. We sell new and vintage clothing, accessories, home goods, and giftables. Our target customer is primarily young women, but we also carry men's accessories, and eventually, men's clothing. With the name Satterday, we plan to base our brand around the idea of the weekend. Satterday is fun, free, and full of possibilities. We want to inspire others to embrace personal style and individualism.

Will Satterday be strictly online or do you plan to open a brick and mortar shop in the future?
Satterday will absolutely not be strictly online. We're going to be based in Los Angeles, and within the first year of business, we plan on launching a mobile retailer (truck). A few years after that, a storefront is definitely in the plans.

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You've been all over the place and worked in a wide variety of fashion jobs. Was creating Satterday something you always wanted to do? What got you there?
Opening a business has always been my plan. I went to school for Fashion Design, then quickly realized that I wanted to be a leader of my own life and dictate my dreams. I switched my major to Fashion Merchandising and excelled in an Entrepreneurship minor, doing tons of extracurricular activities like business plan competitions. I knew opening my own doors was my ultimate goal. Since graduating 4 years ago, I never liked a single corporate job I was in, so finally I thought, why wait? I know what I want to do, why am I holding off? I read a quote that was so inspiring by Farrah Gray, "Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs." I couldn't have explained my situation any better, so I'm building my own dreams. I'm tired of working for somebody elses dream.

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What is your ultimate goal for Satterday and how are you different than all the other shops out there?
Coming from Akron, Ohio, you talk to a lot of people that say "Oh, I wish I could find something like that," or "I wish I could pull that look off like you do", and honestly, anybody can do that! I want to inspire and push people into embracing their personal style. Nobody should feel like they can't wear something because its out of their creative league. Vintage shops are overpriced, smell awful, are cluttered, and are often even more confusing and overwhelming than huge stores like Forever 21. My goal is to make this process of creating a personal style easier by providing clothing, both new and vintage, at an affordable price as well as creating modern styling inspiration for each piece.

Enjoyed what you've read? Head on over to Satterday!

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