New Leaves

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

So, my girl Sarah recently launched her vintage/accessory shop, Satterday. Her specialty is vintage, but she's also quite skilled at making these beautiful flower crowns. I've been lusting after them forever and Sarah was kind enough to give me this one. Not to mention, she's so wonderful, she knew that I needed another pink accessory to add to my arsenal.

This skirt is one of my favorite ModCloth cabin fever sale dresses, but let's be honest, it's REALLY hard to casually wear an entire dress full of sequins. I wore a band t-shirt over top to help downplay the classiness and I think it worked pretty well. Plus this dress is jersey knit and it might just be the coziest item in my closet.

Monday was the OC's tenth anniversary. Yes, that's right ten years since the first episode premiered. The OC defined a huge chunk of my life and I have so many thoughts and feelings about it. Which probably sounds strange, but I truly love television and this show is no exception. I'm re-watching it and it's just as wonderful as I remember.

Outfit Details:
Flower crown: C/O Satterday
Shirt: Owen show (Chicago)
Dress (worn as skirt): ModCloth
Tights: Express
Cardigan: Anthropologie (From I Am Emme)
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