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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I bought this dress when I was in Columbus last weekend and then proceeded to wear it for the day. There's no shame in loving a dress so much that you change in the Jeni's parking lot, right? Okay, well I did that anyways. My sister took me to this amazing second hand/vintage store in Columbus called Rag-O-Rama and I wanted everything. I settled on two dresses, but seriously the place was amazing. And Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams is pretty much the most wonderful thing about Columbus (sure, there's one deep into the depths of the parts of Cleveland I never visit, but it's not the same). If you aren't familiar, Jeni's is a local ice cream shop that makes every ice cream/frozen yogurt/treat from scratch. Starting with grass-grazed Ohio cream, local produce, carefully sourced ingredients -- and the flavors are unlike anything you've ever had. Be warned, once you've had a taste of Jeni's, no other ice cream will compare.

We explored the city, adventured in various coffee shops, shopped a bit, visited my friend while she worked, and eventually ended up at a show. Because after all, you know I went to Columbus for music. I went to see the lovely Saintseneca who is actually from Columbus and I'm more than a little obsessed. We woke up and visited a Columbus breakfast must: Katalina's. Another place that specializes in local produce and creating actual food.

Also this is one of the new hats my sister made me. I love the color and only wish it were more slouchy. Apparently she's not a fan of that look on me? Whatever, pink forever. She was also kind enough to take these photos. It's truly hard to explain how to take an outfit shot. The right distance, the right zoom, the right angle...there is definitely a learning curve. But hey, she got me to smile because she's kind of the funniest person I know.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Rag-O-Rama
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Hat: My sister
Belt: Forever 21
Sunglasses: ModCloth

**All photos by my sister, Lisa while in Columbus
© Midwest Muse.