Paper Kitten Nightmare

Sunday, August 25, 2013


This is the second set of photos I took by myself. While they are slightly different, I kind of like 'em. This is a strange garage in the alley outside of my sisters Cleveland apartment. Immediately after, I decided to take her and her roommates dog for a walk. Have you ever tried to take a Husky puppy for a walk in wedges and a sweater? Yeah, well, don't even try it. It was not very enjoyable for me when she decided we should run for two blocks instead of walk. Mischa is super cute and I adore her, but animals are pretty much like babies to me. I'll be cool with 'em as long as I don't have to keep them.

This skirt was borrowed from Erica and the second I saw it on her, I wanted it. There's something about a grey and white bold stripe that screams, "CLASSIC" to me. This skirt has pockets, cute buttons, and a stretchy waist band which means it's basically the BEST every day skirt.

Speaking of Flock Together, we got a makeover! It's beautiful and everything we all wanted. Thanks to our lovely Jen.

Today is my nephews fifth birthday party and one of my BFF's baby showers. I've got a big day full of celebrating an awesome human and a future human!


Outfit Details:
Sweater: Clothing Swap
Shoes: Payless
Hat: Made by my sister
Skirt: Borrowed from Erica
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