Wednesday, September 18, 2013

For the opening of Nordstrom Rack, I styled three looks in-store. I bring you three different, but very "me" and very "midwest" outfits. I had so much fun going through the store and envisioning myself in these wonderful clothes.


This look is the ultimate fall look to me. Army green and cream are one of my favorite fall color combinations. This jacket is long and heavy enough that it could easily transition from fall to winter. Which would make it a perfect addition into my wardrobe. This dress has the perfect amount of femininity and warmth that it can survive every season and never be boring or uncomfortable. I scarf plays off the army green in the jacket and adds a much needed flair to the muted tones of the outfit. Fall is in fact about layering, so why not throw on all the layers. While I didn't purchase the jacket, I did in fact, get this dress. It is 100% perfect.


My friends and I love getting brunch, but we're also not exactly morning people. We like to look nice, but brunch is a time where we mix casual and fancy. An oversized hat is both dramatic and simple, yet the absolute perfect addition to a Sunday brunch.


This is a look I could wear every day. I love down playing the fancy aspects of a dress. This dress is pretty fancy, but with a band tank and a hot pink blazer the dress is transformed into an every day look. Mixing fabrics and cuts is playful and keeps your wardrobe fresh without spending tons.

I was selected for this opportunity by Nordstrom Rack, however all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Lovely outfits! I love, love the green jacket and the hot pink blazer.

    1. I wish I had bought the green jacket. REGRET.

  2. Wow, that must have been fun! Absolutely adore the first dress - so beautiful! x

    1. That's the one I bought -- it's perfect.

  3. I love that gold polka-dotted dress & the pink blazer! I need to get to the Rack ASAP.

    1. Yes! That dress was amazing. Wish I had bought it.

  4. All of these looks are amazing. Love it

  5. Oh my gosh I totally wanted to do this one but unfortunately no new Nordstrom Rack's were opening here. I love that place! There's one like 40 min away from me. LOVE the outfits you came up with! Army and cream are gorgeous together and I love the fun skirt and graphic tee combo - so chic!
    P.S. We totally do have those soda machines here! They're way cool! only I don't think they have coconut...they should!!

  6. Nordstrom Rack is my favorite! Your first outfit is so cute- I loooove your anorak jacket! You look beautiful!

    Xo, Hannah

  7. Love these, what a fun post :)

    <3 Megan

  8. That skirt with the gold polka dots is magical!!!

  9. I like that you took the photos in the shop. I would have been so self-conscious. The problem is that you can now look back over and over at the thing things you didn't get :P

    I think you made a good call though, that crochet dress is lovely. I bet it would look so cool with a bright slip dress on underneath. I actually originally considered something similar for my wedding dress. :) I love how lace works really well for different seasons.

  10. Oh, and I wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely comments on my wedding post. Really made me so happy to see them.


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