Sunday, September 29, 2013

I am the Danger

Tonight, is the series finale of Breaking Bad. While I'll be at a concert during the airing (bad timing!), I will race home, curl up in a ball and cry my eyes out. Not only am I going to be devastated by the ending (however it ends up), I will also be devastated because this marks the end of an era. Not any era, but rather the ending of arguably the best show, ever. If you didn't watch Breaking Bad, I'm sorry. But also, consider yourself lucky. Breaking Bad has basically ruined television because nothing else will ever compare in any way. This show has defied all aspects of great television and redefined drama and darkness. I always get emotional when television shows end for good, but tonight, tonight is going to break my heart.

This is an outfit composed mostly of birthday gifts from my sisters. We all three have very different and distinctive styles and I'm always uneasy about people buying me clothes. But these two did a very good job. I'm very in love with both the jacket and the dress. You will be seeing this jacket very often. That I can guarantee. I'm still waiting on my brother to give me my birthday gift. My siblings are dragging my birthday out and it's quite fun. Really though, my brother just complains that I don't talk about him enough. So, I figured I'd let you know that he exists and he's an okay person, I guess.

And yes, these shoes were a subtle nod to the show.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Cirra in Fort Collins, Colorado -- a gift from my sister, Lisa
Jacket ModCloth -- a gift from my sister, Nicole
Shoes: Swapped
Hat: Made by my sister, Lisa
Sunglasses: C/O Surfdome
Knee Highs: Bamboo
22 comments on "I am the Danger"
  1. Loving the outfit!

    Everyone keeps telling me how good Breaking Bad is. I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and take a look at it. A little late, I know...

  2. I wouldn't call those shoes "subtle", but they are gorgeous!

  3. This outfit is so gorgeous. You're lucky to have two sweet and stylish sisters, they always give you the greatest gifts! I'm seriously crushing on those shoes and jacket. Basically, this outfit is perfect.



    Southern (California) Belle

    P.S. I've always meant to watch Breaking Bad but I feel like I wouldn't have a life because I would binge watch it like 24. Maybe when I'm on maternity leave I'll give it a go :)

  4. Breaking Bad is so so good. I'll be skipping the finale tonight since I'm about a season behind. Ugh. I'll also be avoiding social media so I don't get the end spoiled for me. There'll be some epic catching up going on this week!

    But anyway, I love your jacket here so much. The spikes are super cool! It looks so great with the striped dress and gorgeous blue heels.

  5. Your siblings did an amazing job getting you your birthday gifts!! I absolutely adore this look, the dress and that jacket are perfect. The bright blue shoes are the perfect pop

  6. Those shoes are amazing. I love how bright they are and how you paired them with just black and white. It's a perfect pop of color! Also, that jacket is pretty damn awesome too! :)

  7. Dress and jacket are both adorable and I love the knee socks. I have to say, while I may be shunned for this, I only watched the first couple episodes of BB and it didn't really hook me. But everyone I know is obsessed and while I am not big on TV shows in general, I do get sad when they end for sure. So I hope you are able to feel ok with it! After so long you get so involved with the characters!

  8. Omgsh, that jacket! I want it BAD *_* Your sisters did amazing with your gifts!
    Haha, and your poor brother...way to mention him ;)
    Your bold blue heels were the perfect touch of color with this chic look

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  9. Lovey stripes dress and the bright shoes are such a great touch

  10. LOVE the blue shoes with that outfit. Admittedly, I have not seen a single episode of Breaking Bad. I have a feeling it will be one of those shows I watch way after everyone else in a ridiculously short time span because I'm completely hooked and can no longer do anything else with my free time. If it's on Netflix, that is. Looking forward to that. ;)

  11. Have I mentioned lately how much I've been enjoying the shorter, blonder hair? Somehow (especially in outfits like these) it reminds me of international spies. Dunno why, but you rock looking like a jet-setting spy.

    The b&w look with the pop of color in the shoes is a fun look. Happy Birthday!

  12. LOVE the shoes and the knee highs with them! I didn't even think about them being a nod to Breaking Bad until you mentioned it! I've only watched the first few episodes of Breaking Bad so I have some catching up to do before I watch the finale!

  13. Those shoes are amazing, love them with the knee socks :D

    <3 Megan

  14. I seriously can't tell you how in love I am with this dress. It's just perfect. And the jacket is also perfect with it. Speaking of perfect? That finale. WE NEED TO TALK.

  15. Your sisters obviously have great taste! I'm in LOVE with this jacket! You look so fierce!

    Xo, Hannah

  16. I missed commenting on your blog. Gorgeous as always darling. I love everything about this outfit!


  17. Been drooling over that jacket online for EVER now. I shall just live vicariously through you now! ;) I loved the ending of Breaking Bad!! SUCH a good show. I've never watched something to the end like that, so it was definitely an experience. With the finale of Dexter, however, it sucked so bad. There went 8 years of my life, lol. You know what else is a good show? American Horror Story. And that starts up again, this week! :D Speaking of this week, will I see you Saturday?!

    xo Ashley

  18. The shoes and the back of the dress, I LOVE! And I am so behind on Breaking Bad so don't even talk to me! (not really, I just have half the last season left...)

  19. Your siblings did a great job! My sis and I have very different styles too so I'm always relieved when I love something she buys :) I love a good striped dress, they are so easy to style for different occasions and I love the edgy look you have going on here!

  20. So stylish! What great gifts from your siblings - that jacket is a beauty. And those shoes are so pretty, the colour just pops! Haha I was thinking the same about how Breaking Bad and how other tv shows pale in comparison, what now?!


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