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Sunday, October 6, 2013


I've been all about the comfortable life lately when it comes to getting dressed. This dress is worn often as it's insanely comfortable. As is this thrifted sweater. This hat was found at the last clothing swap and I'm so glad. It's such a wonderful shape.

My hair is lookin' wild in these photos. I blame the wind.

I spend my weekends doing homework and homework involves a lot of reading and lot of writing. Which also means my brain is more than a little burned out.

Oh, and you can almost see most of my tattoo in one of these photos! It's still a little gross, so maybe one day y'all can officially meet Mariah. Yes, I named my tattoo. And yes, after the one and only Carey.


Outfit Details:
Dress: Clothing Swap
Top: Thrifted
Knee Highs/Shoes: TJ Maxx (Bamboo)
Necklace: Gift
Hat: Clothing Swap
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