Saturday, October 12, 2013

REMIX: Pink Spiked Headband

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Just about a year ago, I bought this headband in Chicago. I debated not purchasing it because well, it was $38 and that's pretty crazy for a headband. What I didn't know at that moment was that this would become a weekly staple in my wardrobe. When looking for these photos, I realized that blogwise the headbands have been replaced by hats, but in my day-to-day, I'd say this still makes an almost daily appearance. It also helps that my favorite color is pink and so I have unlimited options for remixing. To me, a good accessory is one that is extremly versatile & also one that still gets compliments.

8 comments on "REMIX: Pink Spiked Headband"
  1. I am obsessed with my floral headband too. I love the soft pink of yours!! And I love every single one of these looks!

  2. I love that you can wear a headband even in the winter and not make it look out of place. It always looks quite rockstar on you. :D

  3. Yup, this headband was so worth it! It adds such a cute touch to any look :)
    Love how you've worn it!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. That certainly was a worthwhile purchase! The color and size of the rosettes makes the headband so versatile and really something that could pair just as well with a t-shirt as a frilly dress. Love seeing it all of the different ways!

  5. i love when you take the plunge with something you're not too sure about (whether it be because of price or because you're sure you'll actually wear it that much) but then you end up getting so much use out of it. that is an expensive headband but given how many different ways you've been able to wear it it's definitely worth it.

    little henry lee

  6. Isn't it somehow quite fun to realize how used and utilized certain accessories become?

  7. So... you are being using it a lot!!! love it! is adorable!

  8. oh wow that def is pricey for a headband but, you've def gotten your use out of it and it's gorgeous! overall i'd way rather see ppl get a few expensive things than so much cheap crap we end up dumping/it breaking, etc. etc. so anyway, loved this remix roundup!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda


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