Sunday, November 24, 2013

It was my season

On really grey days I like wearing bright and cheerful clothes. It makes me feel better, ya' know? Especially when I have to spend the day trekking across campus and doing that whole learning thing. So, this is what I wore to class on Friday. My professor told me that "more things should really be that color," in reference to my dress and I completely agree with her. It's the perfect color. Speaking of this dress, the zipper has been broken for a really long time, but I was determined to wear it. Somehow my determination worked because the zipper went up & down like it wasn't broken. Success.

I gave the blog a slight updating! No surprise there. I obviously can't afford the kind of design I would love to have and so I am continuously getting bored with the appearance. A friend of mine had a flyer for a DJing gig with the header font and I got my hands on it and was in love. So, here we are.

Outfit Details:
Dress: ModCloth
Boots: Swapped
Socks: ASOS (old Christmas gift)
Headband: Given to me
Cardigan: Swapped
Tights: Express
Belt: Unique Thrift (Ohio City)
19 comments on "It was my season"
  1. The dress has indeed a lovely colour. The bow is adorable.
    The Hearabouts

  2. This dress is such a gorgeous colour, it looks great with that cardigan too. Brights on grey days is definitely a good idea

  3. This look is very tea-party princess, and I LOVE IT =) The design tweaking is nice as well :)

  4. Hey, I love your new blog update too! I guess change is in the air these days :) What font is your header? I really like it. I agree with your prof- more things should be that color, it's the best. Love it with that cardi too!

  5. I love turquoise. You're wearing a very gentle colour, it just instantly looks really comfortable. :)

  6. I love your dress, so amazing.

  7. You look gorgeous, Jessica! And the color of the dress is absolutely beautiful! I wish I would wear more bright color during the cold seasons. I usually wear them during winter, as I think they make a beautiful contrast with the white scenery, but I guess I could make them work during fall also!

    The header look great! I love it!



  8. you are so adorable girl! and that looks like a perfect class outfit, the dress texture looks comfy enough for so much sitting, although I often have to loosen my belt a bit throughout the day and sometimes avoid belts for long sitting days aka clearly i'm in denial that i need to get on an exercise routine again but that had nothing to do with lovely little you. the pastels are actually a great chance w/ all the "fall hues" and i'm always amazed you change things up on the blog so much, it looks great!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  9. wow that is such a lovely dress and your rain boots are amazing!!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  10. What you wear can always lift up your mood. If I'm in a grumpy as hell mood I'll just slip on a huge sweater and everything is alright in the world. Magic.

    Love this dress on you and that new font is killer. :)

  11. Bright colors are always uplifting for those grey days. I like how the flowers on the jacket tie into the (mint) green of the dress, giving the impression of growing things even in winter.

  12. I totally agree--more things in life should for sure be this color! I adore your dress and the cardigan is so pretty too!

  13. Yes! Best. Color. Ever. This is my favorite outfit of yours to date. I love the boots with it especially. :)

  14. wow!! gorgeous dress on you. love that cardi as well!! xoxo


  15. I like this streamlined look! And your entire outfit! Have a fab Thanksgiving!

  16. You are so light and pretty! Love the mint blue dress with the rose print cardigan <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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