Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sleepin' in the sand


This is one of those "I'm so comfortable, I hope it looks somewhat fashionable in photos" outfits. Ever since I go this dress from Nordstrom Rack I've been in LOVE with it. It's the perfect dress and this is the perfect sweater. Both are so neutral that I have unlimited styling options, so let me see how many ways I can bore you with them.

The fall leaves are gone and so is most of November? I am so perplexed by the passing of time. I think part of this is due to the overlooking of Thanksgiving and the rush corporate America is in to arrive at Christmas. It's disorienting. Plus who really wants to forget about Thanksgiving? A holiday filled with mashed potatoes and sweets? It's nice being in a relationship with a boy who has divorced parents. What I'm saying is my family doesn't celebrate holidays and now I have TWO places to go. I'm a week early in my logic, but hey, at least I'm not talking about snow and presents yet.


Outfit Details:
Dress: C/O Nordstrom Rack
Sweater: Marshall's
Tights: Express
Shoes: Thrifted
Hat: Hand made
Nacklace: Toony
18 comments on "Sleepin' in the sand "
  1. I personally love Christmas, but mashed potatoes are certainly nothing to snuff. This dress is so pretty and you look super cute in it!

  2. I can't imagine my family not celebrating holidays! I'm pretty sure they get me through the year. Just them being a disruption in the everyday routine makes me happy. But anyway, I'm glad you have two places to go now!
    As for this outfit, you look so super cute! I love this dress too. It's so versatile and pretty on you. Those tights are a wonderful color and look so great with the white dress too. I really like how cozy your cardigan looks too. I need more comfy sweaters/cardigans. You can never have too many.

  3. Oh, glad you have places to go to celebrate holidays then! I like Thanksgiving a lot too.

    You do indeed look comfy and cozy but still very fashionable :)

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  5. I'm glad you've found someplace to celebrate holidays! I get into Christmas very early but I definitely love a good Thanksgiving dinner. I love this look - I need more neutrals in my wardrobe!

  6. Umm this is definitely the perfect dress, I love the texture of it!! It looks perfect with that cardigan and the pop of green in the tights. There is nothing better than feeling like you're wearing pj's but looking more put together!!
    I can't believe how soon Christmas is, I'm not prepared!

  7. Haha, no worries, it definitely looks fashionable! I love love love those teal tights. They add the perfect touch of color to your outfit. Great dress, I can see why you wear it a lot :)

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  8. see we don't celebrate thanksgiving in australia so there's nothing to skip but i swear they started putting up christmas decorations in the shops around here in early november and it definitely scared me with how close the end of the year is! i swear last month was february but here we are almost in december. :/

    little henry lee

  9. i'm all for celebrating the holidays one at a time. trees up in October aggravates me. too much of a good thing makes it less special.

  10. Love that dress, and it looks awesome with these tights and the statement necklace! It's nice that you get to celebrate the holidays twice! But I can't believe that fall is nearly over.

    xox Sammi

  11. Love the unexpected teal tights :) So pretty with the ivory and gray. Expertly styled, m'dear!

    <3 Megan


  12. I thought it was strange the day after Halloween, everywhere is all CHRISTMAS. Nooo!!! I LOVE Thanksgiving. The best food ever. It's awesome you have two places to go to! :D

    Love your dress and sweater so much. It looks so comfy!

  13. Your outfit totally works! I like the way the texture of the dress & jacket play off each other.

    My family doesn't do a whole lot for Thanksgiving either, but we're still talking plenty about it for the food! It's probably just going to be 2-3 of us sitting around the t.v. eating, which is like any other day, except this one has a fancy name. haha

  14. The dress is sooo lovely, Jessica! It is so versatile! And I love how you styled it!
    Times go by so fast...I can't believe November is almost over! Looking forward for Christmas, though! It's my favorite holiday!



  15. Holy crap, I love everything about this. You know how much I love white dresses, so I'm obviously a fan of this one, especially with those tights. And I hope you wear that cardigan every day, because I totally would if I had it.

    And right? Why would anyone want to forget Thanksgiving? Mashed potatoes, all day, every please.

    Also, your comment about my boots being scandalous made me laugh. I've never thought of them as scandalous before, but I guess that skirt in those photos is a little short so it made them look more risque? You know me haha Hope you're doing well, by the way! I miss our emails :(

  16. I LOVE THIS! Those tights are THE perfect color, that sweater looks so comfy, you make me want a white dress in my wardrobe, and those shoes- thrifted?? I believe in the powers of thrifting but sometimes finds like these blow my mind :) Yeah- you are probably right about time flying due to pushing xmas. Don't even get me venting on black Friday madness...

  17. That necklace is beautiful! & teal tights, yesss.

    Thanksgiving = food = best :)


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