Friday, November 8, 2013

The very first part of my apartment that I spent time setting up and organizing was my bookshelf. Mainly because (as you can see) I have a lot of books. It took us a little bit of rearranging to figure out the best place for bookshelf number one. Yes, there's another larger and more manly one in my apartment too. Boyfriend and I are huge readers!

I have never been a fan of organizing by color, alphabet, or author. I like a chaotic bookshelf. One that forces you to actually dig for what you want or might want. I have so many books that I had to send some of the overflow to the other shelves.

With stacking the books on top, I figured I also would need some kind of decoration. I've been dying to use this globe lamp in an apartment since I received it many years ago. There's something about a light-up globe and a bookshelf that just screams perfection.

Our living room is pretty big, so we turned half of it into an "office". By that I mean, my boyfriend's computer station and also where this shelf sits. It's right as you walk in and I find it very comforting.

It probably seems silly to put so much thought into a bookshelf, but as an avid reader, writer, and overall literary person a bookshelf is very important. Whenever I go to someone's place, I head straight to their book selection. And yeah, I usually ask to borrow something.

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  1. I spy Harry Potter! haha a must for any bookshelf. Looks great! I have a glode on my bookshelf as well and I love it.

  2. totally makes sense with your interests and studies, and that's awesome your bf is an avid reader as well! I love this little nook and can't wait to see more! we also have part of our living room as an "office" but it's just a big cluttery mess.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  3. Girl, that is one awesome bookshelf! I love the Harry Potter selection too ;)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. This is an amazing bookshelf!! I am a huge reader too and I always look around peoples apartments to see what kind of books they have. I have a big ol' bookcase, a hanging shelf piled high with books and my nightstand is essentially my lamp on a pile of books now haha

  5. There are people who don't unpack and set up their bookshelves first thing. Seems the most logical to me! I love that you did that and your bookshelf looks so full of great books.

  6. Book shelves are the best. Mine is so full the shelves look like they're buckling. I definitely want a couple giant ones when I have a bigger place. Both my boyfriend and I love to read too. There's something so nice about seeing full bookshelves in a home and nice to be with someone who is a-okay with tons of books being around.

  7. This would probably be the most exciting part of my move, if I were to move.. As an avid reader as well, I would have a blast organizing my beloveds! Lovely set up and collection.


  8. I love books too. I have a huge bookshelf full of books at my mom's that I want to bring to our place at some point.

  9. So exciting you hear about your new apartment and decorating ideas! Books are very important to me and I definitely agree that it's important to find a nice little space for them!

    Xo, Hannah


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