Sunday, November 10, 2013


Don't let these photos fool you, it's FREEZING. My hair was being torn apart by the wind and my hands are frozen. It's only November. The weather gets worse, I know. But that doesn't mean I'm any more prepared for it. I feel like every year I have the same feelings of "OH MY GOD, HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE" and yet, every year, I'm over here surviving. Yeah, another fashion blogger talking about the weather.

These Zara boots are probably my most favorite and most worn item. Last year, when I spotted them they were out of stock. I set up an email alert and had no hopes of them ever returning. But they did. At 3:00 AM and in a half-asleep stupor, I bought them. Thanks to technology. I ordered these suckers in my sleep with PayPal. I didn't even have to leave my bed.

Tonight, I am going to eat tacos with my sister and boyfriend. Afterwards, I'm going to see one of my favorite bands. It's going to be a good night.

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Eddie Bauer (gift)
Jacket: H&M
Skirt: Thrifted
Boots: Zara
Necklace: Gift
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  1. This outfit wins everything this week.

  2. I like this outfit and its rich colors. Keep on survivin'

  3. This outfit is the best, love the colours together and those boots are great. Even better since you ordered them in your sleep!
    Winter is the blogging nemesis, we already have lots of snow.

  4. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    You are so gorgeous and your outfit is so absolutely stunning! Loving the skirt!

    Have the best day ever,

  5. This outfit post is going into my top 10 for you :) I love your style and you are rocking this look perfectly.

  6. I love all the colors in this outfit. :O

    Have a great night!!

  7. the print on that skirt is amazing & love how you had as sim. colored top w/ it but then black blazer + booties. really great look. and that sounds like a super fun Sun night! and i have that same thought but w/ the heat every summer here.. i'm surprised you're not more bundled up though.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  8. It's not the cold that is the awful part: it's the switching between freezing and nice that gets me. It's a good thing layers are so much fun to execute, or we'd never survive in Ohio! Plus there's always Eddie Bauer to keep us warm! Keep on keepin' on!

  9. Love the colors and all the tiny details here! And your hair looks just perfect darlin' :)

    <3 Megan

  10. Could you get anymore gorgeous? I thought the ombre was my favorite color but you totally have me sold on the platinum blonde. There is not one thing in this outfit that I don't love, I think this may be one of my favorites! You totally have me lusting after some studded booties now, I can see why you love them so much.



  11. We have totally lucked out in the weather department this season. So far, the weather has been sunny and gorgeous in the 60's for the most part all fall. But I do know that the days of freezing my bum and fingers off outfit photo-ing are not far away. Blast it all! This outfit is so pretty! I love how all of the dark colors work well together!

  12. certainly sounds like it'll be a good night! as long as you don't freeze to death =P love that skirt, and those shoes really are amazing

  13. Those boots! They're hands down the coolest boots in all the land and I want a pair. So so cool. I really like how perfectly your purple top plays off the print in your skirt here and that blazer looks great with everything too.
    Also tacos and a concert sounds magical.

  14. you look cute!:)

  15. Haha, oh man, I know right? #fashionbloggerproblems
    I hate when winter hits and it gets freezing and all I want to wear are oversized sweaters and leggings. But no, I can't let myself get that lazy! I at least slip on jeans :P
    Looove this print skirt you're rocking and the accenting maroon top. Everything coordinates perfectly.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  16. I never get used to the cold weather around here. It might be time to move away from Western PA lol I love everything about this look. And your hair looks fabulous!

  17. You hair looks so pretty :) And I love the colors of your outfit and pattern of your skirt. I would trade you my 80 degree weather for your cold weather any day just so I could dress in layers haha.

  18. Yup, it's freezing in Romania also! I feel like an onion, bundled in 3 layers of clothes...I'm not having any fun!

    I simply adore that skirt!!!! I love the print! The overall look is fabulous!



  19. This shade of blonde literally suits you so, so well!

  20. i love your aztec print matched your boots pretty well.

    xo josephine

  21. From the pictures, I can't even see you are freezing! You did a great job hiding! :D
    Love the outfit, the prints of the skirt is cute.

    Google + / Twitter / Bloglovin / Check out BASI

    Cassandra | Backtofive

  22. Those boots are awesome- even better that you were able to order them in your sleep ;) Music and tacos sound like the perfect night! Stay warm!

  23. I seriously can't stop staring at your skirt! that has to be the best print ever, love it!! you look so cute :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  24. I need to make this outfit! It has to be my favourite outfit of the day. You look utterly perfect, and now I really want to go and figure out how I can come close to it. :) The skirt and boots are both fantastic. You also look so different with the long blonde hair. I forgot you'd changed it and it looks really nice for winter. Kind of icy blonde.

  25. Those BOOTS! AH, the humanity. I can't get over them. Plus the velvet and the hat and your hair....sheesh, just stop it already we can't take the wonderfulness!


  26. The colors in the outfit look so great together.

  27. Wow - you look amazing! And I love love love those boots :)

  28. Jessica, this outfit is amaaaaahzing. Those boots are truly special, and I love the colors of this entire ensemble -- especially paired with your hair! I'm never going to get over how great you look with this shade of blonde! I took photos today during our first snowfall, and oh dear GOD, how am I going to make it through the winter?!

    xox Sammi

  29. This outfit is so perfectly Fall! Gorgeous. You should put that skirt up for swaps...haha I love it! And I'm SO exactly with you on the Winter thing. I swear every year it gets worse and I just cannot handle it. I really need to just move somewhere warm already!

  30. This printed mini skirt is gorgeous. I would wear this entire outfit head to toe!

    Xo, Hannah


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