Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013: year in review

Looking back over a years worth of outfits is always a lot of fun! Some of the outfits I've forgotten about, some I totally dislike, and some I want to put on right now. More than just being outfits though, this blog stands as a reminder of not only what I wear, but what I do. It's really nice to have a documentation of this chunk of my life in some less than obvious way.

Here are some of my favorite outfits from throughout the year. The photos go in order of the months and if you click 'em they'll take you to the full post. Hope you enjoy!

Wanna check out last years? Click here.
19 comments on "2013: year in review"
  1. An amazing and stylish year!! I absolutely love the way you mix girly and edgy pieces, I want to put on every single one of these outfits right now!

  2. I love your style and the way it grows and becomes more defined yet always stylish!

  3. LOVE all of these outfits!

    Come by soon!

  4. It's fun to see an overview like this :) And I didn't realize you used to be a brunette!

    1. Naturally! I have been for so long and decided to plunge back into blonde. I don't regret it!

  5. The mint green dress is divine on you!


  6. All of these are so great, but especially that red tights/ oversized cardigan!

  7. You definitely had some cute outfits this year :) And so fun to see how your hair has transformed. Each hair color/style has looked great on you.

  8. that pink dress in the snow is def one of my favorites, and then the last one is one of my most recent favs, 8 yr old me would've obsessed over that shirt... oh just kidding, 27 yr old me wants it too. i didnt see the comment option on the events roundup, but i def enjoyed seeing some of the highlights from your year, that's so awesome on the fashion shows and of course i'm jealous you got to meet Ashley and Jen!

  9. Oooh, what a great overview of the year! Adore those ombre tights and sooo many of your cute and cool outfits <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  10. You have certainly had a fantastic year of outfits and beautiful photographs! Cheers to a positive 2014!

  11. Fantastic looks. The sparkly shoes and the modcloth stripe dress really stand out to me. All the best for the new year.

  12. Ah, number four on your list is definitely one of my favorites! I love seeing your wonderful, colorful style all together this way. You're ladylike, rocker, fun, unique, and so many other wonderful adjectives :) Have a wonderful New Year's!

  13. I totally agree with you on hating some and loving some! I had the same experience going through my old posts. It's also awesome how much your hair changed! ;)
    Happy New Year!!!

  14. So so many adorable outfits. I always love that one with The Good Life t-shirt that I also have. I need to find a white skirt so I can wear it like you did. I'm always inspired by your cute outfits! Happy new year!

  15. Fantastic year of fashion! You've got mad talent.


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