Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lost to the Lonesome

This is one of those cozy go to outfits. I've been wearing variations of this non-stop because it's comfortable and stylish. People that aren't into fashion are always saying that they wear sweats because "it's so comfortable!" and I'm like, "Most of my outfits are probably more cozy than your sweats." It's true. This outfit feels like pajamas, but I think that's the appeal of leggings. I hardly wear them, but whenever I do, I feel like I'm wearing sweats.

My apartment is really close to my favorite metro park and it's a metro park that I grew up going to. A lot of my recent photos (and many in the past) have been taken at various spots in the park. So, yesterday when my sister and I went on a mid-morning hike I figured I'd make her take some photos. She wasn't that stoked, but hey, they aren't terrible. I included some photos of the park too because this place is just the best.

Outfit Details:
Sweater: TJ Maxx
Top: Swapped (frock party)
Skirt: Forever 21
Leggings: Miley Cyrus & Max (from my mom)
Socks: boyfriend's
Boots: Dolce Vita
Hat: Made by my sister

All photos of me taken by my sister Nicole.
21 comments on "Lost to the Lonesome"
  1. These photos are great! What a great location for outfit photos. And I feel the same way about my skinny jeans from Old Navy. They are SO comfy!
    Little Sloth

  2. The pictures turned out beautiful! And totally agree with you - tights and a cardigan are better than lugging yourself around in sweats and you look way more put together. :)

    p.s. Tiger shirt? Awesome.

  3. Well I think they turned out great! I also love the outfit as a whole--the skirt, the tee, the hat (of course!) and the leggings. And I agree, I feel really uncomfortable in sweats in public--much better (and cuter!!!) to be put together like this!

  4. What you said about tights is so true! Haha, I hate it when people use the excuse of sweats because they're comfortable. Little do they know about the magic of tights+a skirt. Instant comfortably fashion!
    Anyway, I love these photos and your cool tiger tee tucked into the skirt

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. comfy + big kitty + polka dots + lace-up boots = yes
    I have to admit, I do spend 50% or more of every day in sweats :3

  6. This is such a great location for photos!! I absolutely love this look, the tee with the polka dot skirt and that sweater is such a perfect mix of stylish and cozy. Love it!

  7. This outfit is amazing! Love the pattern mix so much, and not to mention such a pretty location. Akron and surrounding areas really have some great parks :)

    <3 Megan

  8. I like all of the photos. Your sister did a great job.

    As for the outfit- love it! These more B&W outfits really look fantastic with that blonde hair.

  9. Man, I agree with you so much on two points.

    I think sweat pants are unconfortable, particular in caparison to skirts and leggings. They're so restricting! I feel like I can't move.

    When you force people to take your outfit posts and they always end up 'not terrible'. I know my boy friend is trying but he just doesn't have the patience.

  10. I completely know what you mean about most non-sweats outfits being plenty comfortable! There's a ton of dresses I have that feel like pajamas. Skater skirts and sweaters are pretty cozy too so why not look cute and be comfortable at the same time? That argument is just about people being too lazy to put effort into how they look, not really about comfort. At least that's what I think!

    This outfit is awesome. I really love your dotted skirt with the cool tiger top. Your cardigan looks so nice and snuggly too!

  11. I love these photos and how your b&w outfit looks with the snow- so rad. Those boots are pretty amazing and are just the icing on the cake to this awesome look. I know what you mean- I never feel comfortable running around in sweats and dresses + leggings are just as comfortable!

  12. Fabulous photos! I feel like different versions of this outfit have been all that I've been wearing lately. Too perfect for the back and forth weather around here though - and you rock this look!


  13. this is a cute outfit, i really like the polka dot skirt. I never really get the whole sweats are super comfortable, more so than regular clothes thing. it is possible to find stylish alternatives to sweats that are just as comfortable!

  14. I can see why this is a go to outfit- it combines two of the most amazing things- polka dots and tigers.

  15. Lovely skirt! And the photos are beautiful!



  16. not terrible at all, i think she did a good job! also, i'm impressed she made that beanie and i love your black and grey hues here. not used to seeing you in these colors but you look awesome and super "you" still, maybe it's that rad shirt. and yes, leggings are so comfy, just as comfy as sweats. lovely winter look Jessica!

  17. I love how you rocked the black/white trend in your own way- that's what you're so good at, taking trends and making them your own. Love!

    xx Missy

  18. Oh, I love this post! I just bought a polka dot skirt - I have a new found yearning for the print. Yours here is lovely and I absolutely adore the tiger shirt paired with it! You look so cozy and warm and I totally agree with you, dear - dressing nicely doesn't mean you're uncomfortable! And your ensemble looks great with your location.

  19. I don't know about sweats because I've never owned a pair. Though on my day off I tend to wear the one pair of jeans I have an a massive jumper and call it a day. :) I do love it when I find a skirt that's as comfy as that. I love your cardigan/coat with the skirt. I would never have thought of wearing them together but they really work.


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