Sunday, January 12, 2014


It's been so cold recently that I've barely gotten dressed when I didn't have to. Hoodies as dresses, scarves that double as blankets, you name it. I typically wear fleece lined tights throughout the winter, but I was in the midst of washing them, so I decided to layer my tights. The underlining pair are from KushyFoot and I'm totally impressed. I'm very picky when it comes to tights. They have to be thick, stretchy, and comfortable KushyFoot delivers on all fronts. What I really loved about their tights is the foot grip. I've never heard of tights with grips on the foot, but it's kind of brilliant for walking on hardwood floors. Can't wait for single pair of tights weather. I'll definitely be reaching for the comfort of KushyFoot.

My only goal for the New Year is to organize and purge my wardrobe (and my bedroom for that matter). I have so many clothes that I never wear. It's making my bedroom ridiculously over crowded. So, I'm selling some of my clothes. Check out Midwest Muse @ Storenvy. Use code: cabinfever for 10% off. If you are local, email me, and I'll gladly sell to you via Paypal & arrange pick-up. I've made a few sales that way this week. So thanks!

Outfit Details:
Dress: ModCloth (worn as skirt)
Top: Swapped
Tights: American Apparel & C/O KushyFoot
Shoes: Target
Jacket: Gift
Headband: Old
19 comments on "Badlands"
  1. I love your hair, so cute with that bow! And lovely mint skirt. I've never heard of tights with a foot grip - that's genius. I'm actually pretty jealous that you can wear tights right now. I've barely been able to, it's been so hot here.

  2. Ohh this colour combination makes me happy, so fun and feminine. Tights with grips on the bottom?! I need these in my life!

  3. That bow is adorable! All these colors together are perfect, especially with your lovely blue skirt.


  4. Bright mint and pink--perfect :)

  5. Always love the color combos you choose and this is no exception.

  6. Whaaaaaat? Grippers on the feet of tights??? Get outta town! That is the coolest! And sooo great to have sturdy tights in the cold weather. It's actually been gorgeous here in Colorado. I've barely worn a coat at all! I do love this white leather one that you have though. Every time you wear it, I love it more!

  7. I love the bright colors, especially in winter when we need them. It makes me yearn for spring even more! I'm definitely going to have to check out that tights site. I love good, quality tights!

  8. So if you decide to purge your closet of that jacket.... ;)
    Hehe, I doubt that will happen though. You rock it so well!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  9. The colors in this outfit are wonderful. I just love the pink and mint green together! Your bow headband is adorable too. I love how your jacket adds a nice touch of edginess to this girly outfit. Also tights with foot grippies sound amazing! I love socks with those so I'm sure I'd love tights with foot grips.

  10. I love your studded jacket! And those kushy foots do sound comfy :D

  11. Layering tights is a pretty genius idea and these kushy foots sound pretty awesome. I always love the colors of your outfits- it's not very often I see such bright outfits this time of year, but the white, mint, pinks always play so well off of the snow!

  12. I always love when you wear this jacket - it's gorgeous! And I'll have to find some Kushyfoot tights, they sound amazing!


  13. These colors are so great together! I love pink and mint green together, and it brightens up these snowy days! I haven't taken photos in forever, between the freezing temperatures and my wisdom tooth surgery, but I've basically been living in fleecy things, hehe.

    xox Sammi

  14. While you experience such a cold, in Romania is unusually warm for this time of the year! We haven't had any snow yet...and the trees are starting to bloom (?!?). Thank you, global warming!

    On a different note, I totally love the color combination in your outfit! You look like a candy!



  15. Your hair looks so cute like that! I need to try that!

  16. i definitely had "purge my wardrobe" on my list of new years goals and i'm glad to say i donated 6 bags of clothes and kept a moderate sized pile to sell, i'm just really lazy with selling clothes because i HATE doing it so we'll see how long it takes me to get around to it, haha. it feels good to have a *little* more room in my wardrobe right now though!

    little henry lee

  17. That's a nice resolution, one of mine is to buy more vintage clothes and sell the ones I don't need! You look amazing in this combination, that skirt is to die for! :)

  18. Gorgeous! I love your jacket and that mint dress :3

  19. I absolutely love this outfit, the colors are so gorgeous on you and make me think of spring, even with all of that snow.
    XX, Elle


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