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Sunday, January 19, 2014


I received this beautiful dress from Joules earlier this week. Besides the pink, this dress really isn't my style at all. I'm not a fan of sleeves, long hems, and straight fits. But this dress? It spoke to me. They have it in a few different prints. My sister helped me realize this was the print for me because I get overwhelmed with options. The material is incredibly soft and thick and once I put this dress on, I was like, "oh my god, I need a million dresses exactly like this." It's defintely a more classy grown up kind of dress, but who cares? I'll need those eventually. Plus this one is stunning. Can I just wear this forever? Because it's just so perfect. It fits like it was made for me. Though I guess it was just made for every size two girl. Whatever. Oh, and it has pockets. Doesn't ever girl love a dress with pockets even though we never use them?

I experimented with wearing my coat in these outfit photos. I've mainly resisted because I own approximately three coats. This one I thrifted a few years back in the scariest thrift store I've ever been to. It happened to be in Detroit. I've always had a blast in Detroit and one of my favorite ladies (hey, Katie!) lives there and she always makes sure we have a good time. I think she might've even found this coat. I wear this non-stop. It's perfectly fitted, warm, and perfect for longer dresses. Plus the pockets on this jacket? They're huge. Which is a plus for a gal that doesn't carry a purse.


Outfit Details:
Dress: C/O Joules
Tights: Amazon (fleece lined)
Boots: Target
Hat: Made by my sister
Coat: Thrifted (Detroit)
Glasses: ModCloth
Belt: Noto
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