Sunday, January 19, 2014

We used to be friends


I received this beautiful dress from Joules earlier this week. Besides the pink, this dress really isn't my style at all. I'm not a fan of sleeves, long hems, and straight fits. But this dress? It spoke to me. They have it in a few different prints. My sister helped me realize this was the print for me because I get overwhelmed with options. The material is incredibly soft and thick and once I put this dress on, I was like, "oh my god, I need a million dresses exactly like this." It's defintely a more classy grown up kind of dress, but who cares? I'll need those eventually. Plus this one is stunning. Can I just wear this forever? Because it's just so perfect. It fits like it was made for me. Though I guess it was just made for every size two girl. Whatever. Oh, and it has pockets. Doesn't ever girl love a dress with pockets even though we never use them?

I experimented with wearing my coat in these outfit photos. I've mainly resisted because I own approximately three coats. This one I thrifted a few years back in the scariest thrift store I've ever been to. It happened to be in Detroit. I've always had a blast in Detroit and one of my favorite ladies (hey, Katie!) lives there and she always makes sure we have a good time. I think she might've even found this coat. I wear this non-stop. It's perfectly fitted, warm, and perfect for longer dresses. Plus the pockets on this jacket? They're huge. Which is a plus for a gal that doesn't carry a purse.


Outfit Details:
Dress: C/O Joules
Tights: Amazon (fleece lined)
Boots: Target
Hat: Made by my sister
Coat: Thrifted (Detroit)
Glasses: ModCloth
Belt: Noto
22 comments on "We used to be friends "
  1. This dress is gorgeous! I can't imagine it not being you, I guess it's because I can't see the sleeves? Anyway, you look amazing and you're totally rocking the floral print.

    P.S. I'm back to my old size already! I'm flabbier than normal but at least my dresses fit again. I'd love to see what you have :)

  2. This dress is the tits. By that, I mean its awesome, the perfect floral print and any dress with pockets is good in my books. It's fun to try things outside your comfort zone sometimes!

  3. That dress is awesome!! The print is so beautiful and I especially love the birds on it. I love the feeling of finding something that fits so perfectly!!


  4. So pretty! I love the birds in the print. And it's nice to see you looking warm, lol (plus I love big pockets that you can actually PUT THINGS IN)

  5. I love when you push your boundaries because usually it pays off. This dress looks great on you and I really love the coat!

  6. Your sunglasses are so FUN and look gorgeous with this dress. I love that that dress has pockets. It's gorgeous!

  7. I really like the dress, and think it's such a romantic print, but the darker colours makes it still elegant and girly. :) Happy New Year! /Madison

  8. This dress is so pretty! I love how the pink matches your beanie :)

  9. This dress is gorgeous! Glad your sister talked you into it! ;) And who says we don't use dress pockets? I'm allllll about those! Mostly because I feel the need to carry at least five chap-sticks with me at all times and need somewhere to put them haha


  10. Nice choice with this classy dress - and way to match the pink florals with your beanie. So cute!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  11. It looks wonderful and the whole outfit is really good! It was such a clever idea to add the hat to highlight the colour of the petals. Love it. x

  12. I think the pink print still keeps it quite you and it can be goo to have a more "grown-up" dress in reserve. Hoping to get to see this again with the sleeves. You look lovely in it.

  13. I LOVE that dress on you! The floral print is just stunning and will be perfect for spring too!

  14. Your body language says how great you feel in this, and you should - perfectly put together! Love the pink hat too, so cute!

    <3 Megan

  15. This dress is gorgeous! I love this new style on you. It really does look amazingly comfortable. Also, can I borrow some of your ability to pull off beanies flawlessly?

  16. I love this dress and coat, and think you were brave for good reason.
    I love dresses with pockets, You look amazing, and I love your beanie.

  17. Love this dress on you! Picking things out online can be SUPER overwhelming with the choices! That is a great coat, my favorite one I thrifted 3 winters ago and I still love it. Although in AZ there's not much time to actually get sick of your coat... Also- is that a Veronica Mars reference I'm spying in the title? ;)

  18. this is a beautiful outfit! love the thrifted coat and handmade hat!

  19. I love dark navy florals - what a pretty print on that dress!

  20. I love it when things that aren't typically my go-to style surprise me in a good way! The print on this dress is gorgeous! :)
    xo Hannah

  21. wow I absolutely love your dress, that floral print is fabulous!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming


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