Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Last call

My younger sister is one of those people that's almost too nice. Almost too kind. You know those people that always see the good in people when they don't deserve it, the person that would give anything to anyone that asks, the kind of person that is generous without reason? That's my sister, Lisa. Which is how I ended up with this cardigan. She was wearing it one night and I jokingly (sort of) said, "you should give me that sweater." And she totally did. But I don't want to give her too much credit because she actually gave it up because she accidentally shrunk it and it wasn't as large as she liked any more. Which worked out perfectly for me. This dress was a Christmas gift from my other sister, Nicole and while I wore it not too long ago, I just couldn't help wearing it again. It's a gem.

I love wearing pink (duh), but I tend to forget that my Otterbox (iPhone case) and CamelBak (water bottle) are also pink -- two things I don't leave the house without. So sometimes I look ridiculously pink and girly. Can't say I mind.

If you couldn't tell, I'm not an overly sappy person. Which is why Valentine's Day isn't a holiday that I particularly care for. But what I do care for is good food (like tacos). So when I found myself in Cleveland on Valentine's Day, I suggested that we drive 25 minutes in the opposite part of Cleveland for a taco dinner with my sister. It was delicious and exactly what I needed. But then again, are tacos ever not what I need? If you ever find yourself in Tremont or Lakewood eat at Barrio.

Outfit Details:
Dress: ModCloth, gift
Shoes: Target
Cardigan: TJ Maxx (I believe, my sister's)
Hat: handmade
Belt: UO
Tights: TJ Maxx

20 comments on "Last call "
  1. I'm not a sappy person, either, so you're not left out! I'm an excitable, emotional person, but I can't be sappy. I don't know.

    Your dress is so gorgeous!

  2. pink pink pink, tacos tacos tacos <3 my sister is kinda like that too. it makes me feel guilty for being less good at sharing, haha

  3. this is such a pretty outfit! you look so beautiful! love it!

  4. I. HATE. Valentine's Day. So tacos sound amazing to me on such a holiday. And, crazy enough, my younger sister is the exact same way. I give her grief for it all the time because there are some people and some instances where compassion is not as necessary. This cardigan is awesome though, so I'm glad her positivity worked out!

  5. You look so good in pink!! I love the cardigan with this all pink look, totally toughens it up a bit. And your sister sounds so awesome

  6. What a nice sister you have. You look so pretty and these pictures are super cute :) I'm not that into Valentine's Day either but find it a good excuse to eat good food as well haha. If you like tacos then you would love where I live. We've got taco shops, taco trucks, and people cooking tacos on carts on pretty much every corner.

  7. Ahahaha tacos on Valentine's Day sounds awesome! My boyfriend and I got burgers. We're not really the sappy love-y type either. I love that your sister gave you that cool cardigan. Nice people like that always make me feel like I'm not empathetic enough! They're great though. Also I love the black and pink color scheme here. Always a great combination!

  8. Haha I like your spin on girly though! You're definitely feminine, but with a nice tough of edginess. Like this black, cross print cardi. Love it. And wow, what a sweet sister to have!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  9. "Stealing" clothes from siblings is fun. I only have a brother though, so he's no help when I'm trying to be girly haha Great sweater, how nice of your sister to just "give" it to you! Also, tacos. Come on, you can get sappy about a taco, who doesn't?


  10. Beautiful feminine yet playful look. Love your pretty pink place dress



  11. Ahh, I love how bright and cheery this pink dress is, especially against the snowy backdrop! You look lovely in pink and sisters are the best, eh!

  12. The cardigan does really suit you! I bet it goes with the galaxy print stuff really well. I'm never sure why but I think that crosses prints go with that look. It's really nice to have a sister who's about the same size, and I'm sure you share too! I'm all about borrowing my sister's shoes when I visit.

    I wanted to say thanks so much for your comment on my post about the camera bag. You know, it totally made my day. It made me feel so good about myself. Honestly, this hair cut has given me so much more confidence! But yeah, just the way you said it kept me smiling to myself for ages. :)

  13. Yay for sister's name Lisa- you and my sister are so lucky! ;) I'm always down for tacos too, which makes living in AZ and having a Mexican mother in law perfect for me, haha. Also, tacos would be another great reason for you to come to AZ for a visit when Elana's here! Pink is perfect on you!!

  14. You are completely adorable and unique. You inherited a great outfit from you sisters, but your style is all yours. tacos sound great for valentines day, which I do I sort of like even though it is completely bogus.
    LOVE this!
    XX, Elle

  15. This looks so great on you, I can totally tell this is your kind of style! Your sister is really cool :)

  16. That sweater is so adorable! Your sister is such a nice lady! Also, I really like the pink beanie - so adorable!


  17. Gorgeous photos! I love that pink hat on you. How sweet of your sister to give you that cardigan!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  18. Not overly sappy but loves food? That seriously summarizes me/ my relationship perfectly haha. You look so pretty in this blush pink color! Happy Monday!
    xo Hannah


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