Sunday, February 9, 2014

Play crack sky

This is one of my favorite dresses and it's one of those fancier dresses that I've struggled to make casual. I, however, was inspired by Ashley's rendition of it last year. She killed it and I've been saving it up for an extra snowy day. Luckily for y'all, I woke up to a VERY snowy Akron.

Since getting my hair/roots done last weekend, I've been going out sans a hat. My head feels weird, but at least my roots look great?

The other day Brand New tickets went on sale and while I 100% hate Brand New fans, I refreshed ticketmaster non-stop until 12:00 p.m. appeared and snagged a ticket. It sold out within about fifteen minutes. I'm regretting not buying more because they are now selling for $200+ a ticket. The show isn't until July & it's in Columbus, but hey, Jesse Lacey 4eva.

Oh, and I'm sorry it looks like I'm dancing in all of these. I was merely trying to stay warm and the sunglasses? The sun was SO bright. I swear I'm not a douche.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Zara
Headband: Christmas gift
Belt: Noto
Jacket: Birthday gift
Boots: Target
Tights: Express
Sunglasses: ModCloth
22 comments on "Play crack sky"
  1. That is such a pretty dress, you are fabulous and I love a good concert!
    Little Sloth

  2. I always kick myself when it happens like that with concert tickets but then I remember that I don't want to deal with selling them and strangers on Craig's List :) Your hair looks amazing and I always love how bright you dress in the winter!

  3. UGH this is so perfect from the Brand New song for the title to every single part of this outfit. This dress is amazing and looks so kickass with this leather jacket. You're wearing pale pink, and white and still manage to look like a badass <3

  4. This is an AMAZING dress!!! I love the pink and the fun shape and texture! I think you did a great job making it more casual. My eyes are always sensitive to pretty much all weather, especially snow. I probably always look douchy because I'm always wearing my sunglasses, but I truly do need them to see!

  5. You look absolutely gorgeous! Aren't you cold out in the snow!?

    Trending In Fashion

  6. haha, I like the dance-y poses and the sunglasses :D good luck with getting someone to go with you to the concert, yipes @ the price

  7. I love that you waited for a snowy day to get that white on white look. :)

  8. I love the colors of your outfit :) I'm really into rose colored pinks right now. Looks so great with the snowy background. And I hate when good bands have horrible fans. I feel that way about the Growlers. But yay for Brand New tickets!

  9. Haha, good to know the sunglasses are for a reason ;)
    I love this outfit so much girl! The spiked jacket over a pastel pink dress and rad made a feminine outfit edgy!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  10. Stunning. I want your dress more than I can explain.

  11. ouuu, that dress is precious! I love the soft shade of pink and the romantic dress looks great paired with the edgier leather jacket! You look like a bad-ass winter fairy! Hah

  12. You look so like a rock star. I love the white jacket, though I could never keep one of those clean.

  13. Oh man am I a Brand New fan (don't hate me :P) and they are coming to my hometown but of course they sold out in 5 minutes! UGH, I didn't even get a chance. :( Sad panda. I hope to see them at least once live. Btw, this dress is stunning! I understand about wanting to make it more casual. I have so many fluffy tulle dresses that I wish I could wear on a more casual basis. If only...

  14. What a pretty dress! I love the floral crown you added. Actually, the Brand New concert's all everyone's been talking about lately so you're pretty lucky you were able to snag a ticket!


  15. Gorgeous look! Perfect for a snowy day! You look great in pink! The dress is oh, so lovely!



  16. That pink looks so nice with your blonde hair.

  17. This. Is. Gorgeous. For real. I love this dress on you, and you look pretty badass in these sunglasses (the opposite of douchey).

  18. these photos look like a dreamland! Love your dress. And your hair is looking fabulous! =D

  19. You look so awesome here! I absolutely love this pretty pink dress paired with the gray tights. I always love that white leather jacket too. It's definitely bad ass. The way it contrasts with the flowers in your hair is great.

  20. The white snow probably doesn't help with the brightness, snow really helps with the lighting :)


    But you look lovely in that dress!


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