Friday, February 21, 2014

Random Love: True Detective

I was resistant in watching True Detective because I have a lot of thoughts about Matthew McConaughey and none of them were good. Every man I know was talking about it and like the conformist I am, I hopped on board. Thank goodness! Seriously, this is a gem. It's not the kind of show I typically watch. It's much slower than what I usually like, but it fills that Sunday Breaking Bad void well enough. I'm excited to see where it goes.

6 comments on "Random Love: True Detective"
  1. I had the exact same thoughts! I've never really considered Matthew McConaughey a good actor, example: Failure to Launch. But I thought HBO usually does it right, so it's worth a go! It's too bad these two are only do eight episodes and then they switch location and actors.

  2. I had my issues with Matthew McConaughey as well, but he seems to be building up a good reputation as of late. I do like Woody Harrelson though! Hmm, I read the synopsis and it seems right up my alley. Can't wait to check it out.

  3. I miss Breaking Bad, specially Jesse's "YO bitch!" :(
    After watching "Dallas Buyers Club", I changed my opinion aboud McConaughey. After all, the man can act!
    I need to watch "True Detective" then! Simulateously with "The Following"...

  4. Jessica, this is so good to know, I am always interested in discovering good shows !
    XX, Elle

  5. Always looking for new ones to watch. If you like it I probably would too.

  6. gahh so happy to find someone else who shares my love for this show!!!! I wake up ever Sunday smiling because it's on. Only 31 minutes til it's on- woot woot!

    xx Missy


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