Monday, March 31, 2014

Down with the shine

A couple weeks ago, Rachel and I went thrifting. While there I found this amazing skirt for $3.50. I liked the print, but I wasn't sure if I would like it otherwise. Turns out, I absolutely love it. I've basically worn it out since bringing it home. I'm totally okay with this.

Don't let the sun fool you. It was absolutely freezing in these photos. Almost worse than some of the snowy winter photos I've taken. Though we are currently in the midst of ANOTHER six inch blizzard, so, I guess I can't win.

It's hard to be motivated, have anything to talk about, or really do anything when your state has spent the last seven months in a bitter never ending winter. I know the weather is straight boring talk, but when it dictates your daily activities, it's hard to not let it bother you.

But hey, I'm in Cleveland and I'm getting brunch in the morning and brunch is great. Actually, brunch is really, really good.

Oh, and Flock Together is looking for new members. Apply now!

Outfit Details:
Skirt: Thrifted
Shirt: show
Tights: American Apparel
Shoes: Thrifted
Belt: Swapped
Hat: homemade
Sun glasses: ModCloth
Sweater: TJ Maxx
15 comments on "Down with the shine "
  1. Cute skirt! I actually have a pair of pants in a print that looks just like that. I feel like such a brat for complaining about SoCal's hot weather haha. Wish I could send it your way, that winter sounds awful.

  2. Ah yes, brunch is always good!
    Love this print skirt, it's so cute.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. God bless it will the winter let up there all ready?!?!?! I'm sorry but I am glad about the skirt. A great thrift find is always a treasure. I love the way you paired this one with the green shirt!

  4. Very cute skirt! And AMEN to this awful winter! I'm in Wisconsin and I feel your pain!! The worse part is it will warm up (warm up as in 40-45 degrees) for a day then plummet back down to freezing! UGH.

  5. I have a really similar skirt is a peachy pink color! Polka dot-ish things are great because they pair with about a billion different prints and are always cute. I love your new skirt! It looks awesome paired with that t-shirt. You know I love a good t-shirt and skirt combo.

  6. I love your look! The colours and prints are gorgeous! You look great!

  7. Oh, yes; it's the best when you find to love something more so when you bring it home (as opposed to the dreaded hating it upon arriving home). It's such a pretty skirt, I love the print and it looks great paired with gray.

    And, girl, do I ever feel ya when it comes to this horrendous winter! The media has dubbed it the never ending winter, and it sure does feel that way. Sigh. You can definitely catch me dreaming of warmer places!

  8. I like how cozy that sweater looks with it. Hope it helped at least some with that bitter cold!

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  10. Great skirt! And Avett Brothers! And brunch!
    Hey, at least life is not all bad :)


  11. Hey doll!! Love this skirt... what a great find! I totally applied for Flock Together... we shall see what happens. I hope the weather gets warmer for ya'll in the Midwest. My parents are miserable right now (they live in Ohio) and I feel so bad for them. I'll send some sunshine your way!

  12. love the fab purchase of that thrifted skirt. It looks beautiful!

  13. The struggle to talk about non-weather things is real. Oh it's real.

    Despite all that, you look awesome! I love seeing how you style band t's. There are not a lot of bloggers that do it (or at least do it well) so you're kind of in a league of your own.

  14. Love the skirt, but omg the shoes! Green maryjanes of my dreams! Haha. and just curious, where are ya here?

    1. At the Riverfront in Cuyahoga Falls. It's in the back by the water.


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